Our vacation in Mexico is almost over! It has been a wonderful and magical week of connecting with family and friends, lots of great food, and going with the flow! By the time you read this, we will be home. As always, even though there is nothing like a great getaway.., there is also nothing like returning to your own home! Life is good. Darn good!

I have been taken (once again!) by the spirit of generosity and welcoming that is such a part of the Hispanic culture. If I didn’t know better, I would swear that each person I encounter, whether for the first time or the umpteenth time wants to feed me! In fact, usually within the first few minutes of arriving at their home.

Then, I swear, they just want to be with you.., near you. For the most part (at least with me!) there is little direct communication, because I still do not speak Spanish. Yet they are anxious to interact and to know. Luckily, if I listen closely (to the ones who are not talking a-mile-a-minute!),
I usually know the topics of conversation; at least in general terms. However Fito is an amazing intermediary! He does the translation, even when he knows there is little chance of me getting what they are saying, as there is often no corresponding word in English.
Things here happen in their own time. At home we call it ‘Mexican-Standard-Time’ or MST for short. While in Mexico, you can take Phoenix MST and add +++. OMG! If you want to mess with a control freak, simply layout the plan for the day.., then follow ‘none’ of it! 🙂 However, for everyone else, it’s no big deal. It is a great reflection on how structured my life is.., and when the structure is given more importance than the actual experience! I am obviously earning a few lessons while I am here! I am also aware of few reflections.

I have an almost overwhelming sense of gratitude for my life. There are times when I am submerged in the existence of day-to-day. I find it easy to forget what an amazing life I have created. Home, business, friendships, comforts, everything takes on a new meaning when you step away for a bit.

Humility is also present. I am aware of how easily I make myself the center of my own world, with an elevated sense of importance. Perhaps we naturally do this when we are in our own domain. Yet being immersed in another set of circumstances, at least for a little while, makes much of what I seek to be the ultimate game of trivial pursuit. In the scheme of things, I am simply pursuing ‘more’. It is humbling. Not that I will stop this pursuit.., as I like ‘more’. But I should at least be honest about where this falls on the scales of importance.

Finally.., I have an compelling sense of wonder. There is so much I see and experience in this foreign land that has me want to know more. To explore and understand what makes it all tick. I wonder how I would adapt. I wonder what I would attempt to shift or change. I wonder what would become the pressing issues of the day, if I were a permanent part of this country or this were my home.

For two countries so close to one another, they can seem like worlds apart! And yet, at least for me, there is a line.., a connecting line. One that ties us to one another. In this moment it is clear this connection is our humanity.

With Light, Love, and Laughter