Have you ever received positive feedback from someone and downplayed it? This happened to me recently. I realized it’s a habit I’ve had for a very long time. I began to ask myself, “Why do I find it so hard to receive compliments? Why does it make me feel so uncomfortable and why do others see strengths in me that I don’t see?” Whew!

I’ve been thinking about this and sitting with it for awhile and realized it was time to figure it out. It really doesn’t feel good when I downplay the compliments with a comment like, “Oh, it’s no big deal!” Can you feel me squirming in my seat? Yikes! Why is it so hard to accept the compliment and say thank you?

Some new awarenesses have come to me so I thought I would share them with you and invite you to share any you may have with me too! Let’s support one another in our journey of personal growth. We aren’t alone but sometimes it’s easy to forget, isn’t it?

I realize in a deeper way that there are many ways and many different messengers that bring us information. Often in unexpected ways. The people who compliment us are sharing information often from our High Self or Source. Why? Information that is brought into our conscious awareness often can be hidden deep within our Soul and it’s time to bring it out and claim it! This is my belief anyway. So why dishonor or diminish the messenger or message?

Recently I had a conversation with a dear friend and we talked about our culture and the belief that many hold of “It’s better to give than receive!” I’m not saying this belief is bad or wrong. What I became aware of, however; that because this belief is held so deep within us that it has created a Spiritual challenge for us to move forward into more receiving. Does this make sense? I began to wonder why if this is at the core of my discomfort with receiving compliments. Yes!

After sitting with this for awhile I can see that by not accepting the gift of a compliment it can diminish and take away their gift of giving that’s been offered to me. I never looked at it that way. Have you? I know this is one example that I’m sharing and I’m sure there are other instances when it’s happened. Now that I’m consciously aware of it’s impact on the giver I can choose to make some changes even though it might feel uncomfortable for me in the beginning. Practice. Practice. Practice. Right?

By acknowledging the compliment and saying, “Thank you” I take the compliment in more deeply. I also consciously honor the giver who has offered me a different way to see me! Don’t be surprised if it shakes you up and changes you though! Are you willing to be changed? I am, even if it’s uncomfortable. Becoming more and more conscious and healing separation is what we’re choosing isn’t it? What are the many messengers and mirrors reflecting to you?

Please join me on Tuesday, March 26, 2019, at Storm Wisdom from 6:30 – 8:00p as I channel Luminus who offers information and healing with the loving Messengers of Light.