This week, for many, has been one of celebrating resurrection and liberation in the Christian and Jewish traditions. I realize that other traditions may not celebrate in this way; however, this isn’t meant to be a religious discussion. Rather, the themes of resurrection and liberation have presented an opportunity for reflection.

Why do these themes appeal to me right now? Several people I’ve spoken with recently have expressed feeling restless; wanting to change but not knowing what to do; unable to see things clearly; feeling unusually fatigued; as well as having other symptoms. Others are looking for reasons to feel hopeful and not hopeless. What is ready to be freed or brought to life?

There seems to be a huge shift in energies happening right now. Universal energies in 2019 support creativity and creative expression. Lunar energies of the full moon this week bring optimism and a sense of new beginnings.
I’ve noticed that I, too, have felt some of these energies. Recently I’ve begun to feel new inspiration and creativity percolating. I’m choosing to hold the energies of hope and what’s possible – not dwelling on the negative. My revised website,, has a new tag line of Ignite the Spark of Hope! How fun, yes?

Although our individual journey of awakening and expansion of consciousness may be unique and different from our friends we often forget that we are not alone! Our connectedness through the greater field of consciousness is always available. We are all from the one Source, God/Goddess/All That Is.

During my personal reflections I’ve asked, “What in me has died and is ready to resurrect?” Then, “What does freedom mean to me and what am I willing to change to feel free?” As I mentioned earlier, creativity and hope have resurrected within me in a richer way. How? I don’t feel compelled to “force” myself to create something. Does that make sense? I’ve learned I can lean into the Grace of Being and wait to be inspired. This has been challenging for me because our culture has encouraged more doing. In the corporate culture I worked it was one of “What have you done for me lately!”
I find that when I “force” myself to do something like writing, for example, it really doesn’t work. It doesn’t hold the resonance of love or feel like it’s coming from my heart. To me it feels like it holds the resonance of duty and obligation instead. Have you felt like that? The result isn’t as rich.

Recently I’ve also felt a deeper lifting of self-doubt and perfectionism. Whew, that makes me happy!

Next, I reflected on the question of freedom and what it means to me. Being free doesn’t mean doing anything I want without considering others. LOL It means living and making choices consciously and responsibly. It means being more authentic and speaking my truth while letting go of some old habits as well as owning my part in consciously co-creating my reality. It also means being more loving, compassionate, and forgiving of me and others. It’s so easy to judge and be critical isn’t it?

What am I willing to change? Anything that interferes with living and being the best I can be while helping others with the exception of giving up dark chocolate! I’m just saying!! LOL

I realize that the answers to these reflections are found deep within each one of us and will be different for everyone. I know that the answers for me aren’t outside of myself because in order for things to change I must change first! That happens from within. I also know that there are no right or wrong answers. Everyone’s journey is different in how we grow and expand our consciousness and yet we are here to help one another if we are open to receive help!

How are you feeling and responding during this holiday time? I would love to hear from you.

Please join me as I channel Luminus this Tuesday, April 23, 2019, at Storm Wisdom from 6:30p-8:00p. Enjoy receiving beautiful loving and healing energies. If you have a favorite crystal please bring it and place it on the grid infused with the transformative energies of love!