Have you ever had an experience that when you looked back on it you wondered if the outcome would have been different if you had responded differently? Hmmm. . .yes, hindsight is wonderful isn’t it? In the moment I know it’s often hard to even think about how to respond especially when emotions are flying high! I’ve been reminded recently that riding the wave of emotion, if possible, is better than responding immediately. Take a deep breath first as the emotions pass. Then decide what actions need to be taken.

Here’s an example that happened recently when my husband and I were out of town for a few days. We were sitting in a courtyard after a lovely lunch listening to a violinist play. We were enjoying the music and beauty of the day. The sun was out. The flowers were bright with color. The fountain nearby sounded lovely. People were all around and yet it seemed like we were in a private space. It was a moment filled with Grace!

I asked, “Do you have some change for the musician?” My husband took his wallet out from his pocket and placed the money in her violin case along with her other tips and sat back down with me. Soon we decided to leave and walked around the plaza and suddenly my husband said, “Where’s my wallet? I can’t find it!” Were we concerned? Absolutely! However, we had a choice to make although it happened so fast I’m not sure we really were consciously thinking about it. We chose to remain calm and retrace our steps a couple of times returning to the courtyard where the musician still played. We continued to look around and still couldn’t find his wallet! Yikes!

What would you do in a situation like this? Maybe you’ve had the same kind of experience. We went to the lost and found and the wallet had not been turned in so we left our contact number “just in case”. Instead of getting upset and trying to figure out why this happened and what it was showing us we began to think about who needed to be contacted right away and headed back to where we were staying.

We chose to be in a place of acceptance rather than one of letting this experience ruin our trip. We decided to hold an intention that some kind soul would mail it back to our home when we returned. We chose not to let this experience ruin our trip! Calls were made that could be made and others would be made when we returned home. The rest of our trip was wonderful and we enjoyed it rather than remaining worried or letting the experience ruin it for us.

We could have had a whole different experience if our response had been to be angry, upset, or began a “blaming” game, right? This experience truly was a great reminder for both of us that we have choices. We felt disappointment, of course, but we chose to move beyond it and still enjoy ourselves. We took the actions we could take and had a plan to finish the others when we returned home. It was a conscious choice!

I would love to hear about your experience and how you have chosen to respond. Through the years I believe there have been situations that outcomes could have been different if I hadn’t responded while emotions were running high! Remember to ride the wave of emotions first before responding if you can! Will your outcome change?

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