Ride the Wave

Have you ever wondered about how external events affect you internally? Perhaps you realize that you’ve had a number of experiences that have a common theme. There’s a similarity of feeling or impact based on multiple situations that occur within a short time.

This has been happening for me a lot recently. I am in a state of awe over how many things are happening that feel aligned or even connected, although one may have nothing to do with another.

So a part of me started thinking about how to “ride the wave” of these energetically connected events. If there is all this magic happening that seems to support transformation or change, calmness or peace, confidence and decisiveness.., how do I maximize these opportunities. These external events that seem to be sharing a message.

Then it hit me… I have it backwards.

It is not the external events that are creating these energies. It is what is going on for me internally! The reason I am experiencing a new level of connection, is because I feel it on the inside and the Universe interprets that and creates the same in the 3D world. The reason so many events in my life seem to represent transformation is because I am transforming on the inside.

Integration of ideas, concepts and experiences are happening all the time. Every once in awhile we seem to leap-frog forward and they simply become part of who we are. We have changed, and as a result how we experience the illusion that is our life or world changes too.

There is nothing new about being aware that we create our own reality. I have known or believed this for a long time. However, understanding that what and how we experience these external events is just hitting home.

It is the “chicken or egg” conversation… which comes first?

In this moment… I feel confident that we experience the shift or change internally, then we see and experience it right in front of us. Sometimes it is so subtle that it takes awhile for us to even recognize that we are different.

Other times are like now. So many new, yet aligned experiences compel us to acknowledge and embrace all that is different. That we are different.

There is great power in this awareness. Especially if I can remember it when things become challenging! Because, things become challenging in the 3D world, when I am unsure, anxious, fearful or feel stuck on the inside. I view my life through those filters.

We’re human. We are bound to ebb and flow energetically. I can accept that there are times of ups and downs or rapid or slow. At the same time., I still want to capture as much of the magic of all the change, transformation and newness I am experiencing these days.

This means that for now, I am definitely and intentionally riding the wave!





With Light, Love, and Laughter


  1. Dear Charles, I’m thumping you on the side of your head to get you to STOP saying and thinking , ‘for the moment’ things are good. And to STOP you from repeatedly stating that you are Human, rather than saying you are a Spiritual Being having a Human experience.
    That said, what you are enjoying is the peace that comes when you stop thinking about, examining and micro managing everything that in your present moment you are experiencing. Believe it or not, Thinking is the enemy. It negates the present moment and puts you into looking into the past or futures for explanations of what is being experienced. Just BE. Enjoy the moment as the next moment presents itself to also be enjoyed – unconditionally without examination or evaluation.
    When you are a peace within and unconditionally allowing all things to be in their own time and place, peace will be your external experience too.
    Love and light!

    • Thank Joseph… thump away. Of course you are making a distinction that I’m not sure I make myself, or I consider significant. Either way I am having a human experience or being human. There must be a reason for each of the lifetimes we experience… and this life is where my focus is now. We were given the gifts of our thoughts, feelings, choice and free will for a reason. How we blend them, creates our unique experiences in this lifetime and their associated opportunities for learning and growth. Just because I share the ups and downs of my journey by writing these weekly musings, does not mean I am not enjoying the journey or moment. AND… I appreciate you sharing your perspective.

  2. Charles, I’m thumping myself for my hypocrisy. One of the principles I attempt to live by is, ‘Loving allowance for all things to be in their own time and place,’ so by thinking my way/perception was better was not allowing for the multiplicity and diversity that human life offers. Yes, there are numerous ways/paths to reach the same destination. A monk who isolates himself in constant meditation and is always in the now moment with no thought interrupting his state of being, has the same destination as the street walker who is willing to surrender themselves to serve another’s need. One path may be longer, yet richer in experiences. There are no mistakes. We all are Divine, thus everything is always in Divine Order. Nothing happens that our Soul is not allowing to happen for our growth in awareness. Your journey, Charles, offered me the chance to experience knowing there is more than one path and no one path is more right or wrong than another (for truly there is no right or wrong).

  3. Charles, YAY! Riding the waves! I’m happy for you!


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