This week I will celebrate 55 years of exploring the Universe in physical form! I have always held a special place in my heart for the transitional years that end in a 5 or 0! So five years ago, when both of them came together (50); my entire life turned upside down and inside out!

Five years ago I left the corporate world behind and began the new adventure of being an entrepreneur. Not, just any kind of entrepreneur, one whose business is all about exploring and embracing our Spiritual Nature.

And of course, we create in our physical reality, exactly what “we” need. So, as much as this business is about helping others to live their lives more fully and with intention; no one benefits or learns more about that than I do! Sometimes it feels like the reason I started this business was to create my own personal playground for learning! And what a playground it has been!!!

So now that double 5s (or 55) are here, I am contemplating “what is next”. Mind you, I don’t think this just applies to those who are turning a particular age… This just happens to be my catalyst. However, since I believe in living with intention… Here is my intention around this milestone celebration.

I am done practicing, and ready to start playing full time with all that I have learned so far!

You see for me, I start to embrace a new concept, idea or way of thinking. It feels right and I maintain my focus…, for a little while. Then old patterns or habits come back, and I revert to old ways of thinking and doing. Until I remember, “oh yeah”… There’s this new way that feels better… And I start practicing the new way again. For awhile.

Don’t ask me why this has been my pattern or routine around making these long term shifts. It’s just the way it has been. Perhaps it is how I punish myself. I can look back on it and call my experience a “failure”. I can judge myself… “No willpower”, “no conviction”. Maybe it is because I have been holding on to the concept of “evolving through pain, struggle and suffering”. Regardless of what HAS been, NOW feels like the perfect time to allow the old ways of doing and being to slip away and the new to come in!

“Pain, struggle and suffering is so last year”! 🙂

Living and evolving through “Love, Trust, Ease and Flow” is my new mantra! And as I look back, instead of framing my earlier attempts at changing as failures, I can see those attempts as preparation and practice runs at living the life of my dreams and being the man I want to be.

Sometimes we need to try something on a few times before we know it is right for us. And instead of giving ourselves a hard time about it… Maybe it is time to celebrate that it is all part of the journey of becoming who we are destined to be!

For me, this new age represents an opportunity to embrace the shifts internally. Rather than expecting them to be external. This is not a time to look at the situation and circumstances of what is happening in our physical reality. This is about feeling them inside ourselves and honoring and trusting what feels right, juicy and fun!

That’s what I am talking about!