Several people sent me supportive notes, based on my musings about being bored. The general theme was enjoy it… these are the times that represent our periods of rest. I get that, and I believe it.

This week has been about inspiration! I have all of these new ideas floating around. My imagination is being tugged at! It is being asked to come out and play! And at the same time, there are so many new ideas or thoughts, it is almost a question of where to begin!

Perhaps this is how dreaming, envisioning, and visualizing seed the future. Not as concrete, defined steps and plans… but the essence of possibility. As we dance and play with these possible futures, we are subconsciously applying color, depth, texture and dimension to our dreams. The Universe begins to conspire with us and we begin to align the resources, support and circumstance we need to construct these dreams. Many times we are not even aware we are crafting our future!

There in lies the challenge! At least for me, I often try to take these possibilities and attempt to figure them out, using my mind. I move to intellect and knowledge with the idea of bringing these dreams into the physical world. And usually this move from imagination to “figuring out”, happens way to quickly. Inspiration and imagination need time to simmer and steep. This process of simmering allows them to grow and expand! It helps to move possibilities into the realm of probability.

Which of course is frightening to the ego/mind! We start to send ourselves messages about how challenging this will be, how expensive, or that we don’t have the connections, resources or ??? And once this process starts, it is easy to stifle the imagination! On top of that we are now sending different (and more limited) messages to the Universe AND our subconscious mind. We begin to shift and change our possible future. We send a message that we are only interested in a future that is based on what our ego/mind already know. We are basing our future on our past!

I say it is time to let our imagination and inspirations to run wild! There is always plenty of time to reel in the dream or modify the vision! This time, lets see how far and how fast our new possible future will arrive, when fueled by these powerful creative forces!


How about you! Are you ready to let your imagination run wild?