People I’ve talked to this week have said, “I don’t know what I’m feeling but there seems to be a heaviness in the air!” I can relate. I asked myself, “Is what I’m feeling mine or does it belong to someone else?” I realize that there’s a lot going on in the environment, country, and for everyone personally. I try not to get wrapped up in politics but this week there has been so much going on at our borders with children being separated from their parents that it’s been hard for me to ignore. Instead of dwelling on the political drama I decided to look at why I felt so triggered beyond the obvious.

As I reflected about this heartbreaking situation I was reminded of who we truly are. I believe our Spiritual Being is Source who is eternal and is Unconditional Love. We are here as Source expressing ourselves as human beings who have free will. Many have forgotten this and our journey is to remember! I know that each one of us is at different levels of awareness and belief and yet how can we as human beings create a situation like this and have people justify their actions by quoting the Bible?

One of the things that I learned in Theology school is that LOVE, compassion and kindness are core beliefs in most religions. How we treat one another is key! I realized that I could easily get caught up in the drama of what was happening. However, I began to look at this situation as an opportunity to look at myself because my choices are what I can control!

Please understand that I oppose separating children from their families and my intention in writing this isn’t to have a political conversation. I’m choosing to focus on what I can immediately change and that’s me! I asked myself during meditation, “What, in me, feels separated, marginalized or treated unfairly? Am I willing to change and if so what?”

I believe that Love is the greatest healer and transformer of all! To help me sort through things I decided to imagine a “Lens of Love”. Then I asked, “Are my choices based on Love? If they aren’t then how can I change them? What am I willing to change? How can I be more compassionate, kind, or accepting of myself and others? What parts of me are ready to be re-claimed and re-integrated so that feeling separate, marginalized or unfairly treated no longer exists? What do I have to be grateful for? How can I make a difference in someone’s life today?” 

For each one of us the questions and answers may be different. Perhaps imagining and using your personal “Lens of Love” can make a difference in your life and it may help clarify the choices you want to make!

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