SendingLovetoJamesAs I think about how to start this message, I realize that there are three different situations or areas of thought converging at the same time. First, friendship has been on my mind and part of the conversations I’ve been in, because of last week’s newsletter. The second thing is the upcoming anniversary of Storm Wisdom, which we will celebrate this coming Saturday (4/29). And the third is James Betz.

I had a visit with James this week. It was not the goofy, playful kind of interaction I am use to when we get together. Instead it was somber and serious.

About the time I was dreaming Storm Wisdom into being. An acquaintance who was aware of my focus, met James and found out he was in the process of opening the ‘AHH Center’ (Arizona Holistic Healing). She thought that there might be some opportunity for us to collaborate, as it seemed we were moving in the same direction.

I called James to find out what he was up to.., and we agreed to meet. The truth is, we were trying to create different things, so we decided to keep going in our unique directions. But we also decided to support and help one another in any way we could. So early on, James was my biggest ally. He was a part of cleaning up and preparing the space that would eventually become Storm Wisdom.

8 years ago when we opened, James was one of the first Spiritual Consultants (along with Gisela and Victoria) to see clients at the store. He was there every Sunday for a year and a half. He was someone who would cover for me if I needed to run errands or attend meetings. He was and still is a champion and cheerleader for all we do.

He started to offer Crystal Bowl sessions.., both one-on-one and group meditations about a year after we opened. It became such a profound calling for him that even when he stopped doing private sessions at the store, he continued to offer monthly Crystal Bowl meditations as a part of our Friday Night ‘Meet, Meditate, & Mingle’ series.

James’ has been a fixture and important part of the Storm Wisdom Journey.

But this week, just before our celebration, my friend James has to withdraw from offering his Friday night Crystal Bowl meditations (at least for now). I know how hard this decision was for James to make. Sound Healing is one of his greatest passions.

James has health issues. Some started over a year ago. Some, seemingly the worst of them, are revealing themselves this year. They have created chaos and forced James to make many changes. Everything is up for examination.

The most important and significant change (in my opinion) is that James now is focused on his own self-care, healing and health. He has been there for so many of us, at times at his own expense. He now is committed to doing those things that are most aligned with the health of his mind, body and spirit.

It makes me incredibly sad to see him going through this. Yet, I am hopeful that with his intention and attention to return to wellness quickly, that this will be behind him soon. I invite you to join me in sending him positive thoughts, healing Light and Energy, and much Love.

Thank You James for all you do for our community? I know you will contribute and share of yourself in new ways. So this is not the end. It is the beginning of something new.

With Light, Love, and Laughter