What if life is simply fantastic, but we refuse to see it?

What if, what we are creating, is amazing 100% of the time, but we only allow ourselves to experience 70-80% of it?

Sometimes this ‘human’ experience can be so confusing. What we see with our eyes, hear with our ears, touch with our hands, seems so real. Our thoughts seem important. Significant. Yet they are all made up! We use theses to craft and create the illusion that is our Life.

We are a jumbled mix of beliefs, attitudes, experiences and lessons absorbed at a young age, that we then use to filter and interpret the rest of our lives. Until at some point, hopefully, we begin to realize that so much of what we believe is real, doesn’t even add up or make sense.

This filter we are using is outdated. It is as if as adults, we are still trying to wear an old overcoat from childhood as protection from the elements. It just doesn’t fit!

On top of that, the things that are actually real; our emotions.., we have divided up into categories and assigned values to. Good or Bad. Right or Wrong. The ones we should always strive for and the ones that should be avoided at all costs. We seem to be missing the point.

Our emotions are our fuel. They inform us. They help us navigate. They are our connection to our Soul and Spirit. ALL of THEM! Our anger, sadness, sorrow and despair are as important to experience as our happiness, contentment, joy and hopefulness.

They all inform and influence us. Yet it seems that when or if we feel down or withdrawn that we judge this as bad. What if instead of seeing some of our emotions as something to avoid, we actually embraced them (All)?

Now mind you, for a lot of us, some of the most expansive emotions we have available for us such as ecstasy, gratitude or bliss are also considered “off limits”. In truth, it is not just our constrictive emotions that we tend to judge. As an example, bliss for many people feels indulgent or is held as something that has to be earned. Too much gratitude and we might jinx our blessings.

I was talking with a friend who is processing a lot of emotions because of the end of a relationship. They were trying very hard to not let the breakup get them down. When the truth is it is sad. Even if it wasn’t the right long term relationship, there is a dream that is dying because it is coming to an end.

We try to avoid our anger.., as if it means we are not evolved enough when we experience it. Anger is real. How we express or share it is what we may need to think about… but to pretend it is not real or to make it into something that it is not, creates an impact. An out of balance. When we attempt to avoid, diminish or cover-up our emotions.., we are stopping our own energetic flow.

It would be the same if we were starting a new relationship and trying to suppress excitement, attraction or hopefulness. Trying to make our emotions something they are not affects our energetic flow. It affects how we navigate our journey. It drains our fuel!

I say it is time to embrace our all of our emotions. Let them be real and see where they naturally want to lead us! It is time to embrace that a fulfilling life is only possible when we have the ability to feel, sense and experience all of our emotions. All of what is real for us!

Time to see this simply fantastic life in all of its emotional beauty.

With Light, Love, and Laughter