I turned 60 this week! If I’m completely honest, there’s apart of me that wonders how this is even possible! Wasn’t 40 just a few minutes ago? At the same time, turning 60 is much easier than I might have imagined at earlier times in my life.

As I’ve thought about this, I realize this is because “I fit in my life”. The who, what, how, where and why all make sense and feel right. As aligned as everything feels right now, it hasn’t always been the case.

There were times when my life didn’t make sense. I wanted something different than my own reality. I was either chasing the dime or trying to be something I wasn’t. I spent a lot of time wishing “things were different” than how they actually were… or pursuing someone or something that wasn’t really available or in hindsight just not right for me. All of these situations lead to wasted time regretting what wasn’t and not enough time appreciating what was.

This doesn’t mean life wasn’t good… or even that these situations didn’t have their benefits at the time. It simply means I wasn’t really very present. I was too busy trying to navigate or maybe more accurately… manipulate and control the future.

But at 60, those times of angst, struggle, perceived disappointment or trivial pursuit make sense now. They are part of the journey that lead me to this point in time. This moment when all feels right in my world.

There is a beauty and wisdom that comes with the passing years. The lessons learned along the way begin to make sense. I can see how the choices I’ve made along the way inform and shape this present moment. Even the ones that I questioned for long blocks of time, have found their right place in my narrative.

Old stories are just that. There are so many stories I’ve told myself for too long, that now belong to the past. They don’t resonate with this 6th decade. What’s interesting about this is that I didn’t intentionally set out to put them behind me. They just don’t fit anymore.

One last thought about embracing 60… and the good news is you don’t have to be a certain age to use this nugget! I am hugely grateful to so many people who have been teachers in my life! Most for their inspiration, support, and insights. But also those who put cracks in my heart or interrupted a different dream than the one I am living. Without all of you… there wouldn’t be the me who gets to love the life I’m living now!

Oh yeah… someone’s feeling blessed!