Soul Star & Earth Star – Revisited

I am on vacation in Northern California… so this week I want to re-share one of our most popular posts from the archives, with just a couple of minor updates.


Soul Star & Earth Star

There is something about this time of year and all the possibilities that are presenting themselves. It is something that awakens the dreamer inside.

This makes it an ideal time to work with the energy centers that are located just outside your physical body. There is one above your head, which some call the “Soul Star”, because it connects you to your Soul’s purpose. It is where we connect with all “Possibilities” for this lifetime. Any possible futures we want to create are seeded through this energy center. Think of it as the magician’s hat. Anything you can imagine (and beyond), can be pulled from this hat and become part of what you are creating.

Imagine this energy center (or chakra), being about 6″ to 8″ above your head. It is always there, and it is what connects you (and your Higher Self) to Soul, which is where we are one with All-That-Is, the Divine, God or the Universe. We never lose this connection, even when sometimes it feels hard to access.

The other energy center is located about 6″ to 8″ below your feet. It is what is sometimes referred to as the “Earth Star” energy center. This is the energy center that brings the possibilities you are attracting through your Soul Star into the realm of “Probability”. The Earth Star energy center takes the energetic information of “possibility” you are aligned with, and begins to ground that frequency into your physical world. It helps it to find the greatest probabilities that are aligned with your energetic blueprint, so that they can begin to manifest physically.

If the Soul Star is the Magician’s hat, the Earth Star represents the rabbit, dove, job, relationship, bank account, or whatever you pull out of it. If you can’t imagine or dream it being in the realm of possibility, your chances of creating it as a probability are greatly diminished!

Your thoughts and emotions react to the probabilities that are part of your energetic field. Then, you create the circumstances and situations, in your everyday life, to align and create the who, what, when, and where that will match those probabilities.

We are constantly in this cycle. These energy centers are working on our behalf at all times. Yet, they get their queues from us. If we are feeling like we have limited options, we’re stuck or nothing good is going on; then we constrict these energy centers and reduce the range of what is possible and probable as well.

All of this is to say, working with these two energy centers, especially in conjunction with the seven that are associated with aspects of the physical body, can really be transformational during these important gateways and energetic events, such as birth dates, solstice, equinox and changes or life events.

How about you? What range of possibilities are you creating your probabilities from?

Here is a Visualization for opening and working with your Soul Star and Earth Star energy centers!

Find a comfortable position for meditation and visualization.
Focus on your breathing to relax and open your imagination.

Imagine you are laying on a beautifully draped table or bed, or perhaps reclined in a warm bath.
Look for, imagine or notice a ball of light just above your head.
Watch it get larger and brighter as you feed it your attention.

Feel the light from this ball of light, your Soul Star energy center, start to bathe the top of your head. Allow the light to enter your body through your crown, and feel it move down through all of your energy centers and into every cell of your body filling them with liquid light. Allow yourself to feel each part of your physical body as it is filled with this Light of Possibilities!

When it feels like you are “filled with this light”, imagine and allow it to then flow out the bottom of your feet and begin to create a connection to your Earth Star energy center, another star of light. Fill this energy center and star until it is as bright and alive as the rest of you and your connection to your Soul Star.

You can end your visualization here or feed images, feelings, colors or knowing for any dreams that you have, that you want to create. Imagine until you feel satisfied and satiated. And know you have opened and shifted your energetic field for your highest good! Expect your new possibilities to be amazing.

(This can all be done in a matter of a few minutes and might be a good tool to use several times over the course of the next few weeks, while your energy, attention and intentions are focused on new possibilities!)


  1. Thanks Charles, this is right time for me!

    • Oh good Jean! Glad to hear!

  2. I LOVE this meditation and since my birthday is in 2 days it is perfect timing!
    Thank you so much!!

    • It is perfect timing Jill! AND Happy Birthday! 🎉 To expanded possibilities and increased probabilities!


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