morespacemeanslessstressIt is time to start developing our relationship with ‘space’.., and here’s why.

We are experiencing great shifts and changes on the planet right now. There is a rebalance and harmonization that is occurring. Many things that use to be consistent and reliable are feelings questionable and unsure. Many things that worked easily in the past now require great effort. Usually with less satisfactory results.

We are changing. We too are finding a new balance. A balance between doing and being. Feminine and masculine. A different connection or relationship between our hearts and minds. A blending of our unfamiliar intuitive senses and our physical senses. Many of our relationships are up for review. Some getting stronger and more significant, while others are slipping away.

We are rebalancing as a part of the normal evolution of humanity and human consciousness. What that means to those who are paying attention is that, those circumstances, situations, institutions and/or relationships that feel out of balance are harder to tolerate. They grate on our nerves and senses. They push us away specifically because of the clumsiness of the imbalance.

And all of this is forcing us to find new ways of navigating. The paths that use to be the most reliable routes to our favorite destinations are blocked, hidden or filled with new challenges. So even if we choose one of those routes, we must remain mindful and alert each step of the way. It may get us there.., but only if we remain conscious and prepared to adjust or course correct because of unforeseen obstacles or barriers.

This is where building a new relationship with ‘space’ will serve each of us so well.

You see what we have valued.., actually ‘over valued’ for so long is ‘time’. We have been dedicated to maximizing time. Controlling it. Making more happen in the shortest amount of time. Multitasking. Resisting time, slowing it down. We have been so focused on time with the hope that we might be able to bend it to our will.

We are so focused on time we have lost sight of the natural harmony and balance with everything around us. We have forgotten the Laws of Nature. So few are looking at how the choices we make today will affect our lives in the future. Or how our choices impact future generations. How these choices affect the planet we live on. We are so absorbed with maximizing our use of time, that we forget the other elements of nature that we rely upon for our true quality of life. Water, Earth, Fire and Air.

This is where ‘space’ comes into play. The feminine nature of ‘space’ is revealing itself and blending with the masculine energy of time. And where we have distorted the masculine energies associated with time.., ‘space’ is introducing itself first.

The way this plays out in practical terms is that anywhere we are driving ourselves to complete something in the shortest amount of time – ‘space’ is inserting itself. For us, that feels like a disruption. A critical piece that we need to move forward gets lost in transit. The person who needs to complete a task in order for the next stage to begin, falls sick. Or the resources that are needed are on back order. Even the relationships we are trying to grow or cultivate seem to hit plateaus just when we think they should be soaring!

There are a million different ways this could play out. But the bottom line is – if you are driving the circumstances, situations and/or desired outcomes of your life based only on time, ‘space’ will be inserting itself. No questions asked.

So how do you build a new relationship with ‘space’ so it isn’t always a stressor or disruption? Allow space into whatever it is you want to create. Build it into your dreams. Allow for space to be part of the natural flow of whatever you are wanting to create. Allow for creative, quiet or spacious downtime to be apart of what you are creating.

More ‘space’ means less stress! You might be surprised how easily things get done when you allow for ‘space’.

P.S. Great news! I am going on vacation for a couple of weeks and the amazing Vikki Reed will be my guest writer in my absence! She is an amazing writer who shares her journey and personal exploration through her artwork. She will share a link to her blog with you so that you can follow her as well! I am sure you will love her writing!

With Light, Love, and Laughter