StayPresentLife is very interesting these days. So much is happening and it has a tendency to feel busy. Yet it also feels a bit more calm.

So the question is… which is more mellow.., life or me?

There are a lot of crazy-making situations or circumstances everywhere. But they don’t seem to be triggering or getting me hooked. Instead, I seem to be “going with the flow”! Which although this is something I aspire to.., I am not always that good at! I seem to want to predict, manipulate or (attempt to) control outcomes! ‘Going with the flow’ frequently happens by accident! At least for me.

What I am noticing lately is I am more willing to wait and see what naturally wants to happen. When something new begins to emerge, instead of rushing to reveal it, I wait. The same is true when something appears to be coming to conclusion. Instead of either trying to delay the end, or accelerate it. I simply reduce my attachment and see what happens.

As I reflect on this I wish I could say I planned it this way or it has been my focus. But that feels inauthentic. Instead, it is as if because I have intended and valued ‘going with the flow’ long enough – it is becoming an easier place for me to access and hang out!

In the past, when I experienced these periods of alignment or connection with my values and beliefs, I would worry that they wouldn’t last. But as I think about them now, it feels different. It is not about ‘going with the flow’ being a permanent way of being. It is about it becoming the “default” way of being.

intentionallivingSure, things will come up that will knock us out of the flow. Life is an adventure and it is bound to be full of surprises. And it is okay to feel blocked or stuck. At the same time, giving ourselves a hard time for not always “doing it right” actually just keeps us in that stuck state for longer than necessary.

Instead, perhaps we should just observe and witness any blocks or barriers with compassion. Knowing that any obstacles are temporary and that our natural state is to be in the flow!

Even as I write this, I’m aware of two different principles of Intentional Living are at play. ‘Follow the Energy’ and ‘Stay Present’. Going with the flow implies energy. When we are in the flow, there can be lots of distractions or potential challenges around us. Yet we seem to navigate with ease.

When we choose to ‘follow the energy’ that means paying attention to and trusting what feels right, even when it appears to be contrary to our perceived direction or desire.

Subtle differences, but important. In one we are emotionally balanced and in harmony with our environment. In the other we are sensing and mindfully following energetic input and directions to navigate the path ahead. In the first, the events and circumstances are having minimal impact on us. In the latter, we are often being challenged by the unexpected and are using skills we have developed specifically for life’s weird challenges.

‘Staying Present’ is a necessary bridge to maximizing the results of either! Being present and aware allows us to maximize the benefits of both ‘going with the flow’ and following the energy!

So today I am focused on staying present!

With Light, Love, and Laughter