SubtleEnergySubtleChangeSometimes I am so slow to catch on!

Over the past 10-12 years what has shifted the most for me is my awareness of ‘energy’.  How something or someone feels.  How or if it/they resonate.  Whether I am drawn or repelled.  It has become the way I navigate day-to-day.

I have been aware, almost since I started this journey, that developing this awareness means tuning into subtle energy.  Those fine, delicate and often mysterious characteristics of a person, place or thing.   An invisible nuance that can’t be hidden or concealed.

The weight, fluidity, history, heat, strength and depth are some of the unfamiliar senses we can perceive about an object, place or person; if we try.

So I get all of this.  I feel like it has become second nature for me.  I trust my unfamiliar senses more than our five physical senses!  I move through life following the flow of energies.  I get redirected when that flow stops.

What I am just beginning to realize is that how our reality shifts as a result of working with or being guided by energies ALSO is subtle!  Duh!

Maybe you got that all along.  For me, I am just starting to understand or accept this!  I guess I am just one of those people that always thinks that once something shifts or changes, it is completely different. Like painting a wall.  “Look, it was that color; now it is this!”  Instead, it is more like looking through a slightly tinted lens, that slowly adjusts to the amount of light.

As a result of my way of thinking, I imagine that automagically that “thing” I have been working on will be changed instantaneously.  The parts of me I am working to release, embrace, modify or solidify will be shifted before my very eyes.

Instead, as we work with subtle energies, we shift the field around us in subtle ways too.  Every choice or decision to be aligned with what feels right for us, reveals another aspect.  As we move from one to another, everything around us is slowly conforming to the energies that are present.  And in the smallest and most minute ways our world is shifted.  Often in a way that we can only see or notice with hind-sight.

The other way that these shifts in our reality are surprising is the “how”.  I know for me, when I am imagining an energetic shift or change, I am thinking about a specific outcome.  The way that I think it will or should (always an indication of trouble!) be.  Only to realize that the real way it has altered the world around me, is in a way I never anticipated or expected!

The one that I think most of us deal with is how it affects the relationships in our lives.  Who knew that me doing my personal growth or spiritual work; following the subtle energies of what feels right; would alter, shift, end or start relationships?  But that is exactly what happens.

As we tune in more and more; as we clarify our desires and intentions; as we trust our internal senses and knowing of a situation…, it changes our relation to it and to others.  Many times without us even knowing it, until we look back and see how much has changed.

Not in dramatic and shocking ways.., although that happens sometimes too.  But in almost invisible ways.

I realize I have been holding onto the idea or concept of immediate gratification.  The part of me who thinks I want the big-bang of change!  In one moment it was like this.., the next it is that.  Yet, there is an emerging part of me that knows the rightness of these subtle shifts.  The part of me that knows that if my reality changed as quickly as I think I wanted it to, it would be to much for my mind to process and accept.

Subtle energies, subtle change.  It’s working.

With Light, Love, and Laughter

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