Maybe you’ve noticed the banner below regarding ‘Casita Serena’. This is the guesthouse we originally built for my mom.., Ruthie. She lived here for just over 10 years. After her passing, we decided to convert it into a vacation rental.

This is all new to us. And everything feels different!

There is some work involved in setting up a space for guests. Everything from furniture, towels and linens, amenities, decor and even setting up the systems and calendars for this type of endeavor.

The biggest adjustment is how to share your space with new guests, who for the most part, you don’t know. Of course the services such as AirBnB or VRBO do a lot of the screening and verification. But the truth is, we don’t know much about them till they arrive.

Every guest (or group) is different. Knowing how to interact, what to offer or even recommend is a bit of a shot in the dark. You can’t know, until you know! You can hope you are hitting the mark. Yet in truth, you basically go into each rental with fingers crossed!

However, what has surprised me the most, is how all this change has been so easy to adapt to! I knew it would be a bit easier for Fito as he co-owned an actual Bed & Breakfast before I met him. The truth is not only have I adapted.., I am quite enjoying the experience. Mind you it as only been a couple of months and a half dozen guests, but I can already feel the impact.

It is as if I experience my home in a whole new way. Maybe it is putting myself into someone else’s shoes over and over again, in terms of what works and what doesn’t. Perhaps it is the attention to details that is required (and sometimes very quickly I might add).

I’m not sure.

As someone who is a constant observer of life, it is interesting to notice how easily I am experiencing this time of transition. Maybe this is our new normal. When I say ‘our’.., I mean yours and mine!

You see, so much of what we have focused on has been transformation. Allowing ourselves to see and know ourselves more, by pursuing the awareness and changes that are most aligned with the life we want to live… The world we want to live in.

We have been so open to facilitating, adapting, and integrating change, that we have become ‘Masters of Transformation’.

Turning a guesthouse into a vacation rental may not be the way you are transforming… but I bet if you look at the circumstances of your life, you will find your version. Then look beyond the circumstances of your transformation and observe how you are receiving and allowing it to unfold.

You may be as surprised as I am, how easily you are embracing change and mastering the beauty of transformation.

I think it’s time to celebrate! It seems that our commitment to intentional living is paying off!

With Light, Love, and Laughter