I hope all of you who celebrate Mother’s Day enjoyed a beautiful day whether you’re considered a “traditional” or “un-traditional” mother! I applaud and celebrate all of you!

As I think about Mother’s Day I remember my mom. Through the years we had our disagreements but I always knew she loved me and was there for me. She passed 2 years ago and I find myself thinking and remembering her when I least expect it. I miss her physical presence although she remains in my heart and memories. I also think about my role as a daughter and mom. I don’t know about you, but I didn’t find a “how to be a successful daughter or mom” book. LOL I looked to others and the maps they created to make it easier for me. There were times that I made my own. I realize that dwelling on the past looking at things that I would do differently is not realistic. Rather, learning from the past and being aware of the choices I make now is what’s important.

As I talk to friends I realize that there are many ways that moms are celebrated! Sending and receiving flowers is one of them. To me, flowers have a language of their own. I love to receive flowers and when I receive them I feel happy! In fact, I like to receive them all year long and have them blooming in my garden as often as possible! There doesn’t have to be a special occasion! LOL

I mentioned that I believe that flowers have their own language. What do I mean? When I receive flowers I can feel the intentional love that is held from the sender. Does that make sense? With so much love embodied in the gift I am more aware of texture, color, fragrance, and overall beauty. Regardless of what’s going on in my life flowers give me moments of pleasure and opportunities to “lean in to beauty” more. For me, flowers can provide a gateway or portal that touches my soul, the Divine Feminine aspect of me.

Every time I see my gift of flowers I’m reminded of who sent them to me and their intention of love and desire to celebrate me! It feels good. It’s an opportunity for me to think of the giver. I become more aware of how the flowers and their beauty represent my love and appreciation for the person who has given them to me. My soul is happy and more opportunities to “lean in to beauty” occur. It feels good. I can use the image of the beautiful bouquet to enhance my meditation. If you are more sensitive to smell or texture you can imagine the fragrance or feel of the flowers to enhance your meditation and enter through the gateway that’s provided to engage your soul, the eternal you!

The conscious connection with Soul is an amazing feeling. I feel so much love! Flowers are a beautiful way to “lean in to beauty” more and these beautiful bouquets often received on Mother’s Day are loving reminders. The gift of flowers can be more than you think!

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