Drifting. The vastness.

Shapeless, invisible, aware.

Connected to all, part of all, All.

Understanding expanded with intention by witnessing.

Knowing an ah-ha after the fact.

Watching matter shift and evolve.

Physicality growing into and unto itself.

Faster than any unseen cloud of pure consciousness could evolve by itself.

A choice is made. Become physical.

Much to gain. But loss as well.

Existing knowledge, energetic awareness and wisdom,

the water of the unseen.., will be forgotten.

Unfathomable and immense understanding compressed. Now smaller than a seed.

Entangled with the chosen, perfectly aligned.

But even that forgot

Being physical is hard.

What to do with limbs and bones?

Caste to a tribe with those who too have forgotten.

Priorities, focus, desires driven by perceived ups, perceived downs.

The draw of expanding consciousness forgotten, in this hard yet mailable world.

All-ness a distant memory, replaced by walls, barriers, borders and bodies.

Separation rules.

But in the quiet there’s another truth. A sense.

Connection to something. Resisting everything.

Whispers pierce the noise of the smallness.

A tug, a memory, an insight. A sign exposed in a moment of nakedness

No noise to drown out internal knowing.

Sudden familiarity with something not yet explored.

The neb of a chord that longs to be pulled.

Infinite, vast, expanded awareness has found the point of joining.

Coupling physical matter with access to the more real.

Forthwith the journey of remembering begins.