I would love to write some deep and reflective thoughts about my week… But I am just to excited to think of anything but all the improvements that are taking place at Storm Wisdom!

The remodel is done, the fixtures have been moved into their new spots (Thanks Beth K. For the insights and ideas!), and by the time you read this, we will have it stocked, displayed and ready for you to check it out!

Well actually many people have seen it in transition because we were open during the remodel! I mentioned on Facebook that we told people who were there during the sawing, hammering, drilling, and moving that it was “FREE vibrational/sound healing”!!!

But to be honest, there have definitely been some new awarenesses! Patiences is an energetic state that I have to work at… especially when I am excited! Surprise is much more creative than disappointment. And, when your activities are aligned with how you are feeling, everything is easier!

To this last point, the word that fits how I am feeling this year is expansive (or expanding)! I could really feel it starting last November.., as we were approaching the new year. I have also heard this from a number of clients and friends who come into the center.

So this remodel, opening up and reuse of the space is a form or expansion that is aligned with the expansive energies that are all around us. It feels so right. It is a reminder of staying with the flow! Sometimes it is easy to see or imagine something happening, yet challenging to actually make the shift or see the way. The lesson for me is to wait for the path to be revealed!

I am one of those people, that the expression “like a dog with a bone”.., fits! When I begin to imagine or see something AND I decide to pursue it; it can be a bit like ready, fire aim! Things get done; and sometimes.., redone!

Yet, when I allow an idea to simmer and stew; when the ingredients have time to combine and come together; eventually the correct time and direction reveal themselves. Take this remodel as an example. Gisela and I were brainstorming ideas about this and decided to wait until next year. Then we took a buying trip to Las Vegas. As soon as we returned, we both knew that NOW, was the right time!

Oh the joy of following the pulse of subtle energy and allowing it to make the tasks in our physical world that much easier!

Come see our new and improved space! I think you will love it!

With Light, Love, and Laughter