The Resistance is Mine

Fain to create and move toward.

Pursued, even stalked.

Even a subtle drift of difference feeds a longing.

Be it tempering, turn about or metamorphosis.

Rapid or with the vicissitude of years.

We author change, willing to transform.


Expansion, desire to learn, become more aware.

Examining self to understand All.

A journey that beckons to those who dwell near the abyss.

Looking into the void with a knowing of more.

Willing to venture alone into the mist.

Trust that the more will be revealed or emerge.

An understanding achieved through discovery.

A new vista


So close it can be felt.

A breath of dew grazing neckline, shivers palpable.

Anew approaches.  Something prepared to emerge.

Yet before it’s reveal, we gnarl in discomfort.

Hideaway with insecurity.

Longing for and pushing away simultaneously.

It’s moniker – Resistance.


Do we know where this comes from?

Do we know what it means?

Could the dreams we’ve dreamt been wrong?

Was something missed, or do we heed danger or folly?

The answer to all is – No.


Resistance the partner of change.

Regulator of speed, a signal of alteration.

An internal reminder honoring that which is being abandoned.

Celebrating what is, but will never be again.

A necessity for integration.  Ally to initiation.

Resistance, synchronous with our evolution.

Necessary, and yet it still throws us a field.


The Resistance is mine.



  1. even a speeding star has resistance… it’s the nature of all things…

    • Thanks Darla!

  2. Whatever you are on you need to bottle it and sell it. JUST KIDDING Charles. That was beauty without resistance.

    • Thanks Joseph! That means a lot!

  3. Climb atop this poem and be poet laureate for 2018. I nominate you!

    • What a nice compliment Mary! Thanks so much!

  4. Love love love!!

    • Love, love, love back!

  5. fascinating perspective on resistance… as I mentioned in a previous comment, even a speeding star is resisted and seems to be the nature of resistance that all growth is shaped through resistance, that it shapes and guides us… as feedback from within ourselves and from outside of ourselves helps us learn and refine our vision… it also serves to slow us down enough to “rethink” our plan to make it even better…

    • I know the truth of what you are saying Darla… it is just remembering it when you are in the midst of it or coming up against it is a way we’re not expecting! I am gonna use this as a touchstone for remembering! Thanks again!


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