TheyAreAllUniqueOn Wednesday of this past week, I drove to Tucson for a buying trip! I was in search of Crystals for the store. There are several vendors in the area, thanks in large part to the ‘Gem And Mineral Show’ that happens there every year!

After several hours and two locations, the back of my SUV was loaded with new goodies. My mother Ruthie had joined me for this day trip adventure and as we were driving home, she said “Gisela is going to think it’s Christmas!”

That is exactly how it felt as all these wrapped gems were unloaded on to the back counter! As each one was unwrapped and revealed, we were ooooing and awwwwing. Even for me, it felt as if each crystal was being experienced anew!

I realized, once again how blessed I am! To get to be surrounded by Nature’s art, and then to help each one find their keepers and caretakers is such a joy! And the connections, conversations and experience that occur because of being in this role of steward – are priceless!

Some people buy crystals for their beauty. Some get them as a way to focus their attention on something they are wanting to create or perhaps release. Still others are using them as tools to enhance their meditation or spiritual practice. Then there are those who want to work with these minerals in their most natural form for healing. ALL of them choose crystals because they are drawn to them!

This means that when people come into the center or the store, they are intentionally choosing crystals that support them where they are or for where they are going. They are being active in their own journey and looking for ways to navigate with more ease! And all of us, Gisela, Millie, Victoria, Stephanie and I get to be part of their experience. We share the what, where, how and why of their attraction to a particular piece. Be it large or small, we are connected to them via their crystal. Which in turn makes us part of their evolution. It is so much fun!

One would think that after awhile, it would become routine. That after you have seen one amethyst geode or citrine point, you’ve seen them all. But that is not how it works! Each one is different. Each one is unique. They are just like us! They may be sorted or labeled by type, shape, size, color, weight and/or perceive flaws or idealized perfection; yet they are individually unique. That is the beauty of working with Crystals!

I feel so fortunate!

In closing, all of us here at Storm Wisdom are sending our love and support to Millie as she is in the Seattle area this week for her mom’s memorial service. Our hearts are with her as she celebrates her mother’s life. We all miss her smile and good cheer… Yet feel her presence even while she is away!

And… We have a new member of our team! Or at least she is checking it out to see if it will be a good fit for her once she starts at ASU in the fall! Mary Helen has started working with us part-time, mostly in the late afternoon and evening! So if you see a new smiling face behind the counter – introduce yourself! We are thrilled to welcome her to the team! One big bonus is that Mary Helen in bilingual… English and Spanish. We love that!

With Light, Love, and Laughter

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