Tribu Creations – Denise Jackson

What inspires me as an artist?

I’m inspired by beautiful vibrant gemstones and metals.  I love combining different stones and unique ethnic metals to create a one-of-a-kind bohemian tribal look.  My design starts with the stone.  I’m inspired by the stones’ color, its texture and the overall vibration that it sends out.  It has to make me feel a certain way.  There are specific stones that I tend to gravitate towards and consistently use in my designs, such as amazonite, clear quartz, rose quartz, larimar, agate, and tiger’ eye just to name a few. That process then leads me to choose the metal that works best with the stone, and I build the design up from there. I have my baseline and I work up.  That’s how I see it in my mind and I translate that into the creation process. 

When inspiration strikes, it’s a blessing to me, and I honor the gift by putting my head down and creating until I can’t anymore or until I’m exhausted..whichever comes first.  The weather and the time of year also influence my designs.  I tend to use bright-colored stones for the summer and darker ones for the winter.  I love to test the boundaries of my work and create a true piece of art that my customers can feel amazing wearing. I’ve always considered myself multi-faceted and a little different, so It’s important that my designs reflect that.  I want all women to feel comfortable embracing their uniqueness, and their sense of style with my jewelry.  I’m truly humbled and grateful to have established myself as a jewelry artist, and I will continue to work at providing stunning pieces of jewelry, full of beauty and positive energy.  All of my pieces are made with a purpose and intention, but most importantly, they are made with love.  Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to share my creativity with you.

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