Time To Live It

I have invested a lot of time and energy into getting to know myself as a spiritual being. It started as a part of what was likely a mid-life crisis. One that I didn’t realize I was in the middle of!

I had a good life. Good job, friends, travel, home, and stuff. By all accounts, I was “successful”. But in the middle of all this success… there was still something missing. A longing. I was living my life…, but to what purpose?

I had spent so much time trying to get where I was going, I forgot to ask ‘why’ I was going!

I guess in someways it was societal… simply part of the time or generation I’m part of. My life looked good on paper because that is what we were taught or saw valued. Either way, I found myself in search of greater meaning.

For the first time (consciously), I began looking inside for answers. Uncovering beliefs and attitudes that affected my every decision. Searching for meaning by dissecting my thoughts and feelings and their origins. Unmasking fear. Understanding the origins of pride and arrogance. Coming to terms with the magnificence and the mediocre of my own reality creation.

Actually… maybe it was finally understanding that we all have ownership and responsibility for what we create in our day-to-day lives.

I have been so invested in the pursuit of purpose and finding the spiritual being within; that it’s possible I missed that I actually “found myself”.

The journey of self-discovery can be amazing. It can also seem never ending. But is that true?

I have become so use to searching, that searching has become part of my identity.

Today, as I set to write, a thought entered my mind. “What if there is nothing left to look for or find, and now you just get to be who you’ve become”?

My first reaction was a resounding “No!”

I could feel the part of me who wanted to know: “Who am I if I am not seeking spiritual growth”?

The answer came almost as quickly.

I am a spiritual being. It is about living with and from this knowledge. Taking the experiences and awarenesses of this internal exploration and putting it to use in everyday life. Trusting what I know and living my own truths.

Because isn’t that what a spirituality is all about? Finding the answers about our Divine Nature by looking within. Finding our connection to All.., by feeling and sensing it internally. Knowing God is not something we are separate from… but something we are part of.

I don’t have to search for this truth… I know it.

Now is time to live it!

With Light, Love, and Laughter


  1. Charles, so well stated. Sometimes it seems that being oblivious was easier than being on this spiritual path. But the wisdom and insight gained from this journey
    is the Key. xo Sandy

    • I couldn’t agree more Sandy! 🤓👍 Thanks for being with me!

  2. WOW…it was your last line…you don’t have to search for the truth..you already know it. That makes me think of ZaChoeje Rinpoche
    the Buddhist spiritual master who lives here in Arizona but teaches all over the world…he wrote a book called “The Backdoor to Enlightenment”.
    He states that we don’t have to search for enlightenment…WHO WE REALLY ARE…ALREADY IS ENLIGHTENED!

    • Thanks for sharing his words and yours Donna! You are always so helpful and encouraging!

      • I’m on the very same path as you, Charles. We are learning….learning who we really are and shifting into the I AM

        • 🤗

  3. YES Charles~ What a gift that you are sharing with your readers! Stopping the outer search and LIVING the inner connection is so peaceful and fulfilling!

    • Thanks Ellen!

  4. I enjoyed reading this. You really hit a home run with this. I have been on the very same journey and feeling some what alone and now I know others feel the same way. Thanks Charles.

    • Thank You Ella for your comments. It is true we can feel like we’re the only one going through something… and then we find our posse!

  5. I think we spend so much of our life looking for what’s ‘ out there’, that we do forget that we have everything we need inside us. For years I was on a quest to find that mythical thing that would finally make me happy. Only when I thought I found it, the happiness was short lived. As I matured and realized that there is nothing to find, only to re-discover, it has made my life much easier and more simplified. I no longer search for validation in material objects, like I did when I was younger. Fear kept me from revealing who I AM, fear of judgement, rejection from my tribe. However, now I have found a new tribe. One that accepts and honors who I am. What a joy!! I think so many of us live in fear, and that keeps us from remembering just how much we have to contribute to this planet while we are here. Great article Charles!

    • I know the story you shared so well Linda! Thank you for sharing it with me now. The great Remembering! 🙂

  6. Love it Charles, I remember hearing this, “seeking enlightenment implies that you are not already enlightened”. Now it IS time to live it!

    • So true Vikki! On both points!

  7. I just ran across a quote that somehow dovetails with your post for me, “Knowledge is a tool, and wisdom is the craft in which the tool is used”. Craft ON!!

    • I like it! Thanks for sharing! 🤓👍


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