timetosoarEveryone always asks me “How’s it going?” at Storm Wisdom. My reply is almost always the same – “Good. Things are good.” But lately as I say it… I realize it always feels as if we are just getting by. We are making it.

“Making it” or “getting by” is really hard sometimes.

Mind you I am not complaining. Well not too much anyway! I am thrilled that a business that is 7 years old is still paying the bills. But in my mind, I always imagined that by this point in the evolution of my business I would be feeling the freedom of growth, expansion and increased income. I imagined I would create all forms of abundance.

You see Storm Wisdom has helped me create a TON of abundance. Expanded family, friends and clients. Experiences. Beauty, magic and mystery. I also know myself at a much deeper level. Which for someone who is committed to expansion and understanding , this is a big, darn deal.

But I don’t want to stop there. I don’t want to stop where we are. I want to expand, expand, expand in all the ways that expansion is possible. I want to see my community expand as well. I am not in it for me alone. I want us all to expand. To be and have as much as we can possibly receive.

I feel like I am ready. And yet, there is still a veil between me and the next level of whatever I am creating. Is it that there are still lessons I need to learn on this plateau? Is there something I am resisting?

I have a lot of experience creating abundance. I have (and in someways still do) created wealth. And at the time it was a major motivator in my life. Making money was what got me out of bed in the morning. It shaped most of the decisions I made. I valued it above all else.

Unfortunately that version of me is gone. Money is not enough. Not as a motivator. I desire it as an outcome. I want it in my life. But not at any cost. I would not give up what I have for any amount of money.

Someone asked me a short while ago if I would consider a new opportunity if they guaranteed me a lofty income figure. And I said no. I would do it if it looked and felt like my current business. I know I am doing the right thing. I also know that at some point we will bust beyond this current plateau.

I guess in the meantime.., I need to keep looking for the nuggets of truth in this ‘getting by” or “making it” phase. At the same time, I am trying not to get stuck in a groove of just getting by. Even as I type this I realize that if this is the path I am destined for.., I will find acceptance for that too. I would prefer to imagine that soon we will be soaring and “making it” will be a phase I remember fondly!

I hope if you are attempting to soar, the wind accelerates beneath your wings!

With Light, Love, and Laughter

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