Have you felt the energy shift this month? What are you noticing that’s different for you? For me, I’ve noticed that the themes “Trust” and “Acceptance” keep popping up for me and my clients. It’s not surprising when I think about the Universal energy shifting into the vibration of the number “7”—an energy that invites us to “Trust” our intuitive processes and seek inner truth. In other words, all of the answers that we seek are available to us! The invitation is to “Trust” and “Accept” all of who we are including the inner guidance we receive from deep within our heart space/soul.

In the hectic pace of day to day living this may seem foreign and unattainable. I don’t know about you, for me, there have been times that I wanted to “hear” with my human ears. Through the years this has lessened. What I have learned is that when I seek answers from an outside source, I find that I receive a confirmation of what I have heard from the whispers within my heart space/soul. I’ve been ok with this. It helped me learn to “Trust” what I received in a tangible way. I “Accept” that this has been my process. How about you? How fun and what a relief it is to release all self-judgment and just flow with where I am right now! WooHoo! After all, the journey is the destination, isn’t it?

Why do I listen to the whispers from my heart space/soul? Through the years I’ve learned that the heart is far more powerful and neutral than the brain. Although they work together very well and communicate frequently, the research shows that the heart is able to receive information first and has the potential to manage the intuitive processes. Imagine that your heart “hears” what you want it to “hear”. Why not program it to attune to a vibration of Love, Trust and Acceptance instead of a vibration of fear, doubt, worry, or disbelief? You can do this very easily for it is a conscious choice you can make just like I have. Here’s to Conscious Heart Based Living in 2014 and beyond. We would love to have you share your experiences with us.

With Love and Light, Victoria