TheUniverseCalledRotoRooterAnsweredA couple of days ago, while doing some writing, I realized there was something I needed to do!  I was writing about “Who I am becoming”.

There is so much happening right now and many of us are feeling the intensity of all this activity.  The world around us is shifting and changing.  Some people are adjusting and adapting to these changes. Some are disconnecting and finding new ways of being.  Others are still holding on to their old ways and wondering why they are not working like they use.

I a lot of what I was reflecting on while writing was about being more intentional about who I am moving forward.  If you are like me, you have spent a long time being a student of Life.  This means looking deep within to discover your truth.  To discover your passion.  Even your purpose.

I know it seems like we would/should know these things.  Aren’t we are the ones who have lived this experience or adventure we call our life?   But what many of us don’t realize is how much others have affected our perspective.  How our perspective influences how we interpret the events and circumstances we experience.

In truth, most of us need to slow down.  To become the Observer of our own life.  To hear the internal messages from various aspects of ourselves.  Then we begin to realize we are running old stories that no longer fit or apply (if they ever did!).

So this is where I was in my writing, when I had this thought.  “I need to create a meditation/visualization for myself”.  To focus on who I am becoming, I need to clean-out all the old crap and stories that might  keep me connected to the past.

You know.., the Karmic stuff.  The things we have done or said in our past that we regret.  The things that create guilt, shame, blame or resentment.  The things we need to forgive in ourselves and others. The coping mechanisms we used before we knew better.  Our patterns, habits and addictions.  Those behaviors that may have been part of how we navigated in the past, but no longer feel right to us.

This was the visualization that I intended to create for myself.

Of course then I started to procrastinate. I intended to do this exercise or process for myself.., but felt I was missing the perfect visual.  I wanted to use a good metaphor that would fit the bill.  The metaphor that would get to the deeply hidden, stuck, blocked, and forgotten crap.  The years of emotional junk I had buried deep within.

Well, I just want to say that the Universe ALWAYS supports us!  It is always aligned with moving us along on our path.  Sometimes it has a sense a humor.., and it always provides a clear sign (if we are willing to see it!)

My sign from the Universe?  ALL the plumbing in our house is out of order.  There is not a single drain that is not clogged.  If you put water down one, it comes up in another.  Literally – it requires a thorough deep clearing!

At first we called in a plumber who works on small projects for us.  He tried his best.  But within a matter of minutes he said.  This is a big job that requires professional equipment!  His recommendation.  Call Roto-Rooter!

None of this is lost on me!  None of this is a surprise.  So while I wait for the experts with the big equipment to arrive… I think I will go do my own clearing work and let go years of crap!  Who knows.., maybe by the time they arrive, things will be fresh and flowing in our house too!

I am ready.  Calling Roto-Rooter!

With Light, Love, and Laughter