How do you stay in the middle… when everything around you, wants to pull or push you to one side? It seems to me that everything in our world has become so polarized. It seems as if we are constantly being divided into groups, colors, labels and categories.

We live in a day and age where it has become common for us to be emotionally manipulated, simply for the sake of separation. It seems we have lost the skills of negotiation, compromise and meeting in the middle.

It can be disheartening. At least to me.

And then I realize or remember, that this is why I chose to be here on the planet at this time. I came to be apart of a unifying force. One where we coexist. Where we don’t have to take sides or feel divided. Oneness is a possibility in my vision for the world.

And I don’t mean that in a Pollyanna, we are all gonna hold hands and sing kumbaya sort of way.

The human experience is hard sometimes. We are physical, emotional, mental and spiritual beings. Each of these aspects of who we are can be challenging. We will get injured or sick. There will be days when we feel down or sad. We get stressed or run repetitive and even conflicting thoughts. Sometimes we will even lose sight of our Divine Nature and our connection to Source… however we define that.

Oneness doesn’t mean that life is no longer challenging. Instead it means that there is room at the table for everyone and no one is marginalized. And it goes beyond the human race. It means that we are harmonious with the planet. We are in a symbiotic relationship with our environment.., the earth, animals, plants, water, air, etc…

No one has to lose in order for someone else to gain. Scarcity, hoarding, and over-accumulation are no longer necessary. The mindset of ‘domination over’ is replaced by ‘dominion with’.

I believe this heightened sense of separation we are in is part of the journey to a new way of Being. The fact that so many of us no longer relate to or want to be in constant battle with the ‘other’ or the unknown ‘them’, is a sign of change.

Many of us are ready to withdraw ourselves energetically from the illusion of this giant game of tug-of-war. There is obviously a better way than the current “Us against Them”. It isn’t working. It hasn’t worked for a long time.

When we stop villain-izing those who are different from us, we start to see them. When we reach out in order to understand, we find we have much more in common than we realized. We really are all the same… we simply need to look for the overlap instead of the differences.

All of this can be hard to do or imagine when we are in the middle of such chaos. But there is a place in the center of every storm where there is a calm. If we can simply stand still and allow the calm to find us, from there we can find our balance. Our sense of oneness with all that is going on around us.

The storm will pass. We need to be ready to be of service to those who feel embattled by the winds of change. We need to be ready to invite them to the table. To hold a vision for a unified way of being. One where we are all in this together!

With Light, Love, and Laughter