WeAreRememberingI wonder if I should tell you this? Even though you already know. Some people aren’t ready to hear this particular truth. But here it is: We are ALL intuitive and We are ALL empathic.

Since you have likely been following my weekly musings for awhile now, it may not be that big of a shock. But I have to tell you, I meet people who believe that these natural senses are “special” gifts!

They are not.

There are those who believe that these are afflictions or a problem to solve.

They are not.

Still others are building identities around them! Some because they feel they are different and alone. Others feel burdened or saddled with these senses. It feels so profound for them that they feel they have no control over their lives. Everything is too much for them. They feel as if they are to sensitive.

They are not.

I have another perspective. We are ALL Remembering.

We chose to come and play durning this time of expansion and change. We knew that this would be a time for humanity to reconnect. To remember the multidimensional and multi-sensory Beings that we have always been. To connect to the full expansiveness of our ability to shift and change physical matter. To shape it to our will and desire.

We knew that this would be a time for going within to find our uniqueness. Uniqueness that has us appreciate and take responsibility for our own authority. To stand alone while feeling that sense of ‘together but different’. Knowing that this is how we find our way to the field of unity and Oneness. This is the time for remembering our connection to All-That-Is and all that will ever be. Time for us to know that we are eternal.

We will know ourselves through our connection to our unfamiliar senses. Intuition, empathy, compassion and understanding. These are senses and energies that are in a state of expansion right now. Everyone is experiencing them whether they are aware of it or not. Sure you can ignore the voice of your internal guidance. You can choose the path of only logic and reason. But, you may find it is more and more challenging to navigate this journey. We need ALL our senses to navigate the chaos of these times.

We are remembering. Yet, we have free will and choice. If we want to slow our progress down, one way to do that is to make it a challenge. Make it hard. See it as a burden to bare, or cross to carry. That is an ideal way to slow your energetic shift.

Another is to choose separation. Holding oneself as special or alone is an act of separation. Specialness is separation. While being authentic and unique fosters togetherness. Are you special or are you unique? You can sense and feel the difference. One of them relies on the old paradigm of “better than/less than” and keeps you locked in place.

Remembering is easy. Trusting and allowing sometimes takes practice. Sometimes we have long-held beliefs that limit our ability to change. Our patterns, habits, routines, or tendencies have carved well worn tracks or grooves in our neural pathways. So we have to be diligent for awhile. Be intentional and stay aware. We have to lean into our internal senses. Maybe take a few leaps of faith.

There is good news. Once you have connected with your senses, they will support you. Your intuition and empathy will guide you. You will sense and feel the resonance of people and situations. Your personal growth is easier when you are guided from within . The more you work with and trust this internal guidance, the more they expand. The easier they are to access.

And if you are ever uncomfortable or feel like you need support. Look around. There are a lot of resource available to help. They can help you understand how to navigate your way out of those old tracks and grooves. That is what your tribe is for!

With Light, Love, and Laughter

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