“Storytellers broaden our minds: engage, provoke, inspire, and ultimately connect us.” Robert Redford, American actor and filmmaker

Do you think of yourself as a storyteller? Isn’t communicating a form of storytelling? Don’t we communicate to engage, provoke, inspire and connect as Robert Redford suggests? Hmmm. Think about it. We tell stories verbally, through our music, books, theater, art; in our homes, gardens, values, how we dress, our profession, and so much more. For many cultures oral tradition was how history and information was shared. Some of our stories are clear and others are more subtle. And yet within each one of us there are still stories to be shared, aren’t there?

Why write about storytelling now? I feel that now, more than ever, is a perfect time to look at the stories we tell ourselves and others. It’s time to review, evaluate and see if they still apply to who we are and who we are becoming more of. How much does feeling safe with what we know and are comfortable with keep us from exploring new possibilities? How long has it been since creativity and imagination have been used? When was the last time that feeling hopeful prevailed over feeling discouraged or helpless? Walt Disney in “Saving Mr. Banks” has said, “That’s what storytellers do. We restore order with imagination. We instill hope again and again.” Isn’t it time to create a new story with imagination?

Take a few moments and close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths. Feel the warmth in your chest. Feel love. Imagine humanity. Imagine the similarities and differences of human beings. Now focus on what we have in common regardless of our physical, religious, educational, professional, and economic differences. Most people want to love and be loved, feel safe, respected, be happy and healthy, have their children and families flourish and so much more. How much of the story includes other human beings? Perhaps it’s time to consider a change. American poet and civil rights activist, Maya Angelou, has said, “When the storyteller tells the truth, she reminds us that human beings are more alike than unalike . . . A story is what it’s like to be a human being – to be knocked down and to miraculously arise. Each one of us has arisen, awakened. We do rise.” Most people have experienced what it feels like to be knocked down and most have arisen. We are human beings – another similarity!

Upon reflection will your story remain the same or change? Will it include love, hope, inspiration, possibilities, connection, provocation, and/or inclusion? Will abundance, beauty, acceptance, forgiveness, and compassion play a role? Will you let your imagination engage and soar as you create a new story? If your current story still fits, great! You are the storyteller after all!

I’m sending lots of love to each one of you this week and would love to hear how you’re doing.

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