Another week of emotional ups and downs, right? Once again, many opportunities to be distracted and choose sides – or not! So many metaphors have shown up for me. Borders, separation, questionable choices being made about children and families, political posturing, divisiveness and on and on. Whew!! So easy to feel overwhelmed, depressed, and hopeless! So I’ve taken many deep breaths, lol, and asked, “What is mine to know about all of this right now? How does it apply to me?”

I’ve been deeply touched and felt so many emotions of sympathy, sorrow, incredulity, and wondered how I was going to navigate this landscape in a more positive and productive way. I noticed that I could sink deeper into the emotions and in the extreme I could feel hopeless and numb or I could “feel” the emotions and release them in a healthy way, accepting me and what I was feeling. 

How do I cope? Through the years I’ve developed a meditative practice that I rely on to help me gain clarity. During my quiet and reflective time I realized that I am becoming more and more compassionate! I am feeling deeper levels of compassion. Compassion is feeling deep sympathy and sorrow for others who are suffering and wanting to help them by removing their suffering. I realize that how I help and support people can perhaps ease their suffering a bit. However, I recognize it’s time to become more comfortable with my own feelings. This is a great reminder for me not to “stuff” or ignore my own feelings while I look for ways to help others.

I don’t want you to think that I’m ignoring the political divisiveness in our country or that I sit around chanting “OM” for hours either. I make time each day, sometimes only 10 minutes, to quiet my busy mind and enter my inner monastery so to speak. Then I ask for help from my Higher Self and God/Goddess/All That Is, Source.

My intention is to become more and more kind, loving, accepting, and compassionate of me and others before I begin. I ask for clarity, “How can I express my Divine nature as a human being more fully? What actions are practical and doable for me? What experience and tools do I have in my toolkit that can be used to speak my truth and help others? How can I make a difference in someone’s life today?” 

The answers will be different for everyone for our journeys are individual and unique. There really are no right or wrong answers. What feels right for you and what feels right for me will be different. Comparing or judging is unproductive. As others have said, “Small acts of kindness can make a difference!” For example, some people create ways to provide financial support when needed. Others use their professional skills and experience to find groups or organizations then volunteer to help. Still others, volunteer their time, food, toiletries, and clothing to favorite charities. In addition, checking on a neighbor who is “shut in” and may need help or feel like someone cares can make a big difference.

What does helping others look like for me right now? It has varied through the years. My efforts have focused mainly on helping women and children. I write, vote, encourage others, volunteer my time helping individuals and groups when needed, contribute financially when I can, coach individuals, teach classes that support self-empowerment, and look for ways to “ignite sparks of hope” in others. 

By riding the wave of emotions this week and “feeling” them I’ve ended in a more hopeful place. Focusing on how to help others has reinforced stronger feelings of hope instead of hopelessness in me. I see how I can help. How about you? What are you feeling?

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