Many people I talk to right now want to make changes in their life. Frequently I hear, “I don’t know what I want or how to go about it?” Seeing a path forward is often unclear. This is pretty common and yet there is an underlying anxious feeling that occurs when this happens. “Why can’t I figure this out?” I’m asked. There’s alot of self-judgment that happens. It’s important to stop beating yourself up! We always have a choice to change and a choice to change how we respond to others. That’s part of our super powers! It’s our choice!

Through the years of working with many clients and drawing on my own personal experience I’ve found some common themes about why it’s challenging at times to make life changes. Let’s explore 2 of them. Fear of the unknown is a big one. When current routines are comfortable often fear creates blocks or resistance to creatively look outside of the box for answers, so to speak. It’s not always easy to change our habits and behaviors some of which we hold deeply in our sub-conscious or unconscious. Looking back I remember how frequently I’ve said, “I love change!” I’m now aware that I love change when I think I can control it! LOL Who doesn’t like to feel they’re in charge?

How about playing it safe because you don’t want to disappoint someone? This can happen in relationships of all kinds; personal, professional, community, and others. Compromise is common for relationships to flourish isn’t it? Is it possible to successfully grow in a relationship without giving away your power? Yes it is! I’ve found that communication is key. Speaking truth is also a big part of this. Don’t give away your power and hold resentment or bury your feelings because you want to maintain the status quo or please someone.

Relationships can grow in ways where partners co-create common interests and then individually create interests that are meaningful for each person. You don’t have to be “glued at the hip” or “be like Velcro”! Although I have to say when children are involved another layer for consideration is added and often everything for awhile revolves around the children and their schedules. It’s still possible to carve out quiet time to find your center. It becomes a priority and doesn’t have to take hours everyday. Practice! Remember, you’re in charge!

When I feel like I’m at a “change point” I make sure I’m centered and my thoughts are as quiet as possible then I like to explore possibilities by asking, “What do I want to become more of?” This was asked of me by LUMA a beautiful consciousness channeled by dear Annie Bossingham. So, for example, I focus on things like: becoming more loving, more compassionate, having more fun and spontaneity in my life, more intimacy in my relationships, being the best me I can be, and having more beauty to name a few. See the difference? It’s not focused on detailed things which can be limiting. Once my list is made I ask, “What am I willing to change in me to receive them?” That’s a big one!!

You are more powerful than you think! You’re in charge of creating the life you want! Open and step into it as much as you can! It’s your choice!

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