Celebrating and hosting Thanksgiving dinner this week has made me think a lot about who family is for me. We were blessed to have our youngest son and his wife here for a few days since they live out of state. It was really special. Unfortunately our oldest and his family couldn’t be with us. We enjoyed having many of my husband’s family, living in Arizona, join us as well. Other friends who are close to us joined in too. We even had a few new people join us. They fit in so well and engaged with everyone so easily that it felt like they were part of the family too!

So, I asked myself, “Who is family for me?” Our family is multi-generational and ranges in age from 3 years to 80+. I know that we have our birth and adopted families. For some there are others who may be closer than our birth or adopted families. Then there are Soul Family members who have found one another to fulfill agreements made before entering this human experience. Does this make them any less a family member?

Although I’m the oldest of four kids each of us moved to different states as we became adults and really weren’t close. We had different interests. We’ve reconnected though since my dad passed in 2013 and mom passed last year. We still live in different states but make a conscious effort now to stay in touch! I’ve seen how family relationships ebb and flow and how new extended members enter and leave.

Another group that I think of as family is my Storm Wisdom family. We’ve been together at least 10 years and some of us have been together even longer. I’m fortunate to have them in my life. So, who is family for you? Do blood lineages define yours or is there another way you look at your family?

Does being a family member mean we always agree with each other? Absolutely not! In fact, I find that I’m often most challenged by those closest to me. Family relationships can be messy at times! LOL I feel like I’ve grown as a result of these challenges though. I intend that I keep an open mind and remain open to new ideas. However, I find that there are times my resistance to new ideas shows up and I have a choice to make. Do I choose to open to something new even if it feels uncomfortable in the beginning or do I remain the same? Just like other communities we each are individual and unique and our choices define our experiences and roles within the family or community. Ultimately the choice to change is mine.

I guess who family is for each one of us really is a matter of perspective isn’t it? Who is family for you?

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