I never know exactly what I’m going to write about as I begin a newsletter. I find that usually I end up following the energy of what’s going on in the world so to speak! Several things have come to mind this week. It seems like everyday brings something new and often unexpected. It’s a wonder that anything gets accomplished in the world these days or maybe that’s the point, right? Divert and distract and when you least expect it BOOM!! I find myself shaking my head and wondering why I feel at times like Alice in Wonderland! I even find myself saying, “I know that this isn’t the reality I’m creating!!” (LOL) I guess it really is part of my reality creation. However, the role I’m playing is definitely not under investigation or in the hot seat. How about you?

This morning while having breakfast with my husband we talked about energy and where we choose to put our focus. During our conversation I was reminded of several concepts that I’ve embraced through the years – “Where mind goes, energy flows from my Tai Chi and Qi Gong training; Thoughts become things from Mike Dooley; and we create our own reality from many metaphysical teachings I’ve studied!” It’s all about energy isn’t it?

As I reflect on the power of thought, belief, and energy I’m reminded once again of personal choice! I have free will and the opportunity to make choices. I often ask myself, “Where do I choose to put my energy? Do I want to support distortion, distraction, and untruths or support something constructive and productive? Will my choice be from my heart rather than a choice someone else makes in order to distort and create distraction?” Yes, it is a personal and conscious choice I can make!! It’s my responsibility.

What I find hard to believe is how people in positions of power choose to personally attack and try to destroy individuals while ignoring facts. Lately it seems like there is no true interest or desire to uncover the truth. It’s more about personal gain and ideology. I asked myself, “Why is this being done by individuals who are charged with protecting our country, constitution, and democratic freedom who also have an oversight role? How do their actions affect me and my freedom? Where do I choose to put my energy? What is mine to do in support of the reality I choose to create for me, my family, the Earth and humanity?” Whew, a lot to sit with during my quiet time, yes?

I’m encouraged by what I’ve seen recently. There are more people standing up for what they believe, speaking their truth and having their voices heard. I realize that there are many ways to express oneself and have your voice heard. For me, once I become clear through my quiet reflective time, I find that writing is a way for my voice to be heard whether it’s by writing a newsletter, a letter to State Representatives or others who have leadership responsibility and can affect change. Further, during my quiet and reflective time I imagine/visualize all life and ask God/Goddess/All That Is to send healing love and energy to those who are open to receive it.

Other people are more comfortable marching in protests, making personal visits to leaders, or contributing resources, time and talents. There are many ways to express oneself and speak truth. It’s a matter of finding a way that resonates and feels comfortable. Whatever choice you make please take a moment to bring your awareness deep within your heart space and notice how it feels. Does the energy feel authentic and right? If not, please ask, “Is this choice from my heart or am I trying to please someone else?”

Where do you want to put your energy? Will it be to support distortion, distraction and untruths or support something positive and productive that is within your control and you feel good about? I choose the latter!

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