Can you imagine living in a world where peace, kindness, caring, love and respect for one another prevail? For a few minutes let your imagination run wild! When was the last time you played with your imagination? Ready? Now close your eyes, take a few deep and cleansing breaths, bring your awareness into your heart space and imagine. What will change in your world? What does your world feel like? Engage your senses. Notice the smells, colors, and sounds. Notice what’s different in your surroundings. Notice how you feel. What will you have to change to live there? Each of our imagined worlds will most likely look different in some aspects. That’s ok!

As I think about a more peaceful world I’m reflecting on Memorial Day. I know there will be many family gatherings during this long weekend. Along with celebrations there will be remembering. My Dad served during World War II. My brother served in South Korea and several people I know served in Vietnam. Some came home, some are still MIA, while others are memorialized in Washington, D.C. and in our hearts. We still have many loved ones deployed around the world today. I am grateful for their service. What if peace, kindness, caring, love and respect for one another prevail? How would we change? What will it take? Remember, peace must begin within each one of us first!

Wait a minute! The world is huge, isn’t it? Isn’t there enough room for all of us to peacefully co-exist? What can I do to co-create and live in a peaceful world? It seems overwhelming at times when I think about changing the world. So I step back and ask, “What can I really control and change?” Yes, you’ve heard it before. The only thing I can change is me! That means I have to be responsible for the choices I make! Yikes! Hold on, it really isn’t as scary as it sounds! LOL

Imagine your world is within you! During my meditative times I feel my physical body shed as I enter an altered state. Does that make sense? Clarity comes. Possibilities appear. I ask, “What am I willing to change in me to BE more peaceful, respectful, kind, caring, and loving of myself and others?” Have you ever done this? It’s pretty amazing. There is no self-judgment. I realize that I must change before my environment changes. It’s true! I believe that our inner world reflects our outer world so to speak. I’m empowered to change my world through my choices, attitudes and beliefs at any time. Guess what? I don’t have to change everything at once or at all! I’m in charge of my choices!

Just for fun what if you were to experiment and change one thing that you’ve imagined that would make your world more peaceful? Dip your toes in the water so to speak. Notice how it feels. Notice if anything changes around you as you integrate the change more and more. Do you feel more peaceful, respectful, kind, caring, and loving toward yourself or others? If you don’t feel anything different then you can always choose to change back! Remember, it’s always your choice.

I would love to hear how you enjoyed playing with your imagination and how your world is changing to a more peaceful one.

I will be channeling Luminus at Storm Wisdom on Tuesday, May 28th, from 6:30p-8p. Please join us. You are invited to receive their unconditional love, acceptance, and healing.