wheresmycrystalballDecisions, decisions, decisions! I guess no matter where we find ourselves on this journey through life; we are constantly presented with options. A variety of directions. Multiple choices!

This is where a crystal ball that predicts the future would really come in handy!

You see, there is change coming my way. I feel it and sense it. I know that something is stirring and wants to be revealed. Probably in many areas of my life, but right now, I am think about my business. I know we are moving into or towards something new. There are choices to be made. Options to choose between. Possible new futures.

As I ponder these and try to decide what feels right. I realize I want some guarantee! I want to know that of the things I am considering; I will know which of them is “right”!

Yet I also know.., this is not how it works!

In some ways – there is no wrong choice. The end results may not look as I expect or assume it will. But even that is an opportunity to learn and grow. So it becomes (for me!) a guessing game! If I do ‘this’.., will X happen? If I choose ‘that’.., will Y be next? And, what if there is another option I am not even considering?

You can see how these mind games get started! I get all caught up in weighing the possibilities and start to panic! I want to know the impact or results of any of these decisions before they are even made. I want to know I will be successful. I will survive. I won’t make a complete fool of myself. Oh shucks… I can feel the old behavior of ‘performing’ wanting to rear it’s ugly head. You know.., the desire to be perceived a particular way!!

What if I do something and it is a colossal failure!?! What will people think of me? How will I ever recover? What if I loose everything?

These questions, the self-doubt, the aspect of me that wants some sort of guarantee… These are my ‘Lessors’. The parts of me that are always fearful, who always want to play safe. I am not pointing them out so that they are ignored. No…, instead, I know it is important to listen to them. Hear what they have to say.

Then, the more of me.., the adult, the wise one decides if there is anything from these aspects of Self that needs to be flushed out more… Or if it is time to offer compassion and understanding to these internal aspects. Then make the choice(s) that feel the most aligned with where I am now in my current journey.

We all have those voices in our heads that want to slow us down or even stop us. The voices that are laced with fear or worry. We all have those aspects of Self that want us to maintain the status-quo! Those voices think they are keeping us safe.

We don’t reach the right decisions in our lives by ignoring these voices OR by giving them all of our power. Instead.., if we slow down. Allow ourselves to turn-up the volume on these voices. Listen long enough to know if the concerns are real…, or if this is a part of us that is still attached to or being guided by outdated or limiting beliefs.

I know for me, when I slow down and connect with these aspects, I realize they are usually younger aspects of me that were formed during a time when I did not have the tools, skills or experience that I have now. In fact, much of interacting with these “Lessors”.., is like engaging with a child or adolescent! It can feel like self-parenting!

So if you are sitting on the fence.., unsure of which way to go… Slow down the messages you are sending to/receiving from yourself and see if they are actually healthy warnings based on your current level of awareness and evolution. Or.., are your Lessors having a field day with your thoughts an emotions? Either way.., it is time to bring your whole-Self current!

By giving yourself time with all aspects of yourself.., and finding your internal balance! You will likely see things in a whole new perspective. Maybe THIS is the crystal ball we have all been looking for!

With Light, Love, and Laughter