Can acceptance lead to feeling more grateful? Hmmm…I’ve noticed a shift. It happens when I release the illusion of control and resistance! It changes how I feel. Rather than being upset, angry, depressed, or feeling helpless imagine the power you might feel when you let go of things that you can’t control! This doesn’t mean abdicating responsibility for your actions or the choices that are yours to make. Does this make sense?

Let’s play for a moment, ok? Remember the last time you didn’t want to accept a situation that you found yourself in and you felt helpless, depressed, upset or angry. Remember how you felt. Perhaps you felt like you wanted to “take charge”, “hurry things along”, or “force a desired outcome”. You may have told yourself, “Let’s get this show on the road!” Oops! There’s that desire and need to control the outcome! LOL I’m sure you meant it in that moment. I’ve been there myself! How did you feel? What happened next? Were you able to hurry things along and get the desired outcome you wanted? Was it the best outcome that could have happened? Maybe? Maybe not.

Let’s continue to play. Now, close yours eyes and take a deep breath and remember the same experience. . .imagine accepting what is yours to do and let go of what isn’t – what is out of your control? What can you control? Your choices! What are the choices that you want to make now? What are the choices that aren’t yours – the ones that others are responsible for making – the ones you have no control over? Let them go!

Continue to breathe normally and let your imagination take you into your heart space. For a moment, focus on your breath and being in your heart space. Allow yourself to feel LOVE surrounding you. Feel it coming from the core life force that’s buried deep within you – LOVE! Feel yourself accepting the situation. You don’t have to like it. Accept it for what it is. Feel your resistance melt away. Continue breathing normally. Now imagine accepting what is only yours to do. Ask, “What choices are mine to make and what do I have to be grateful for in this experience?” Let go of everything else. Continue to breathe normally. Relax and remain focused on your heart space.

With your eyes still closed notice what’s different. How do you feel? Has there been a shift? Has the resistance released? Once you accepted what choices were yours to make and felt LOVE could you imagine or feel it melting away the resistance? Was there gratitude to be acknowledged? Feel how grateful you feel right now!

Now it’s time to return and take a few deep breaths and open your eyes.

Through the re-imagining of the original experience were you able to see and/or feel differently? How did accepting the situation, feeling love, and being grateful change how you felt? Did you notice a difference from the original experience?

For me, re-imagining my experience resulted in me feeling more peaceful and grateful to have these moments with my loved ones. It helped me feel what it’s like to BE rather than DO. I also am able to see more clearly what choices are mine and what aren’t. How was your experience?

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