YaOrNayIntuition plays an important part in my day-to-day life. Actually, I believe it plays a big part in EVERYONE’S life.., some of us just have the volume turned down so low, it is harder to hear! But.., that’s another story! What I am noticing this week is that sometimes, when we need it the most, our intuition has a tendency to hide!

Okay, the truth is when I get excited and start exploring possibilities, my intuition takes a lunch break! That is what is going on right now. I am considering a new project that has lots of possibilities, some unknown, some risk, some rewards. Basically there are several possible ways I could see this project going.

When I talk to some of my closest allies, they all ask the same thing: “What is your intuition telling you?” Aaahhgh… I don’t know! Instead, my mind wants to make-up what my intuition is telling me! My mind barters, makes deals and contrives multiple ‘what if’ scenarios. My mind knows nothing about intuition! If it did, it would know that ‘intuitive hits’ are definitive! They are yes or no. ‘Maybe’ is not an intuitive hit!

That is until I remember that there are always multiple ways for us to grow, learn and evolve. And isn’t that where our intuition really supports us? It points out open doors when there are new opportunities; or tells us when it is time to close one. It tells us when the path we are on is leading us in a circle. Our intuition points us towards (or away from) those people and experiences that are most aligned with our Soul’s journey.

So often, when what we are considering is a viable option, but not the only option, our intuition hides. It reappears once we have made a choice. Once we have selected a direction or option. This happens simply because it is our choice.

So with the absence of my intuition, the question usually becomes, “Would this be fun?”

And of course it might be fun and scary at the same time! That is where I am at. And so I will be putting myself through some mental gymnastics and combing through the ‘What ifs’… So that when I have finally locked in on what seems logical and right; when I am ready to take the next step; my intuition can return from its lunch break and quietly whisper Yay or Nay!

Yeah, that’s how I roll… (Today!)

With Light, Love, and Laughter