Have you ever wondered why you can easily “read” people; find meditating challenging; need a power nap during the day; find that channeling is part of your destiny; or why you take on energies/emotions from other people? These are just a few things that me and others have wondered about. I believe that each one of us is individual and unique.

Recently I was invited to accompany a friend and join her in her Human Design session with Gisela. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Human Design I like to think of it as a tool that helps you understand how you are “hardwired”. I know that sounds simple but it’s the easiest way for me to explain it. More importantly, through the understanding of how you are “hardwired” it creates opportunities to know and accept yourself more deeply, respond to others differently, and understand why some of the things you do are innate. Is Human Design the only tool that can help? No, there are many tools that are available to us. Each one provides different perspectives and understanding.

I found it exciting and amazing as I watched my friend. As I watched her face a range of feelings appeared as she received information from Gisela. Acceptance, understanding, relief, humor, and so much more appeared.Two “ah ha” moments were beautiful to watch as my friend began to digest what she was hearing. First, she began to understand why she feels and takes on other people’s emotions. She found that an underlying and unconscious desire to want to fix things and make everyone happy emerged. She began to understand how to be empathic in a different way by realizing another person’s emotions weren’t hers to fix and she could still be supportive. Next, one of her innate gifts is to see everyone’s potential. As a result of the feedback her understanding helped her to see that although she see’s the potential of others she is more accepting that each individual chooses to live up to their potential or not. It’s not her job to make it happen for them! How freeing, yes?

I was reminded about the time that Gisela used Human Design to look at each of my family members a few years ago. I had to chuckle when my husband, son and I listened to her feedback. I’ve always called my husband an energizer bunny! Yes, his energy has always seemed infinite to me. He always enjoys having projects to do! What I discovered was that in Human Design terms he has a “motor” and our son and I don’t! So he really is an energizer bunny in many ways and we can be fueled by him to some degree but we require more down time than he does. Knowing this I was able to give myself permission to accept that I need quiet time in ways that he doesn’t and more importantly I don’t have to feel guilty or try and keep up with him! Whew! How often do we compare ourselves with others?

One of the gifts of understanding more about who we are is acceptance. Yes, we have free will and can make choices which determine our experiences; however; through understanding and acceptance different choices can be made more consciously. Imagine living a life co-created more consciously instead of one on auto-pilot. What changes would you make? How would your life be different? If you are interested in understanding more of who you are I highly recommend Gisela and Human Design.

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