I find that many people I see want to please others to the degree that they lose sight of their own needs. This is especially true for women. Wanting to please and take care of others can often result in stuffing feelings deep and not speaking what’s on their mind. I can relate to this myself. It’s taken me many years to feel comfortable in letting others know what I’m feeling. 

Do you feel worthy? Do you feel like you deserve a happy and healthy life? Do you feel like you are cherished and admired by your partner, family, friends, or colleagues? Do you feel seen and heard? On the surface these questions may seem a little weird. However, in my practice I find that these themes come up frequently. Sometimes these feelings are deeply buried and it takes a commitment to get to the bottom of what the client is feeling and experiencing – putting words to what the client feels.

First, it took me really getting in touch with what was important to me and what I desired in my life. For many years I feel like I put others first and I ignored what I needed. Fortunately I understand this now and I’m able to speak my truth so to speak. Once I got over the belief that my family would divorce me if I changed it became easier. It’s amazing the stories we make up and perpetuate in our minds, isn’t it?

Today, I’m comfortable with being seen, heard, and more vulnerable. How did this happen? I realized that for things to change I had to change first. That was an eye opener! LOL 

My journey began with the help of meditation, teachers who showed up when I was ready, reading, classes, and letting go of old beliefs, perceptions, and habits. In the beginning I enjoyed external help for guidance. Now, my journey is more inward. It’s evolved to one of accepting, loving, forgiving, and having compassion for me. It also included claiming and owning me – past, present and future as well as knowing that my life and reality is mine to co-create and is limitless. My only limitation is me!

I found that there is no “quick fix” so to speak. It is a life long journey if we choose. More and more conscious choice is key. This is part of the awakening process. Everyone has individual and unique reasons for volunteering to be here at this time. How we live our lives through the choices we make is key. Further, how we respond to the choices others make is also key and creates new experiences. 

How does all of this tie in to “feeling and being worthy”? Everyone deserves to feel valued and cherished. I believe this. Some have forgotten this as they live and navigate daily life. There are so many distractions, aren’t there? It takes a commitment and courage to want to change old habits, beliefs, and perceptions including a willingness to make changes that will help shift your life. Remember, you have the ability to co-create your life with Source! You come from Source which is unconditional love. How can you not be worthy? Source is known by many names. Pick one you are comfortable with. When you begin to believe and feel that you deserve love, acceptance, healing, feel cherished and valued change will begin! It all begins with you!

During this holiday season regardless of how you celebrate I feel that the best gift you can give is a gift to yourself of acceptance, compassion, and love. Please take time to feel how worthy you truly are. You matter!

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