launchtimeI’m back!

First, a huge THANK YOU to Vikki Reed for filling in for me and sharing her unique gift of writing and art. I enjoyed each of the gems she shared and I hope you did too! Hopefully you signed up for her blog as well. She really knows how to stay present and share her truth in a very authentic and vulnerable way. Thanks Vikki!

I had an amazing time while I was away! Fito and I took a crystal polishing and cutting class with the amazing Lawerence Stoller and his team (Ingrid and Tim!) up in Bend Oregon. Two and a half days of being submerged in the world of beauty and magic. So fun!

Then I surprised my family and friends in Maine by dropping in for a visit. I got to meet a couple of great-nieces.. one a year old, the other just over a month. Saw two great-nephews with matching arm casts. I hung out with my sisters and their families – doing a lot of eating! Lobster Rolls!! Yum!

My mom (Ruthie) was visiting Maine too. So we were both fortunate to experience the changing leaves of New England! Truly a natural wonder! Vacations are great and this one was extra juicy!

And now I am back!

It feels great, but it also feels odd and weird. It’s an exciting and scary time. It is another time of change.

I have decided to write more. And, I have decided to share it even though it feels even more personal than these weekly musings. The inspiration to do this came out of the blue. Out of the mist.

A few months ago I got this idea to write everyday for 60 days. I am not sure where the idea came from, but I knew it would be personal. Some might call it journaling. I wrote about what I was and wasn’t doing to support my mind, body, and spirit.

It was an eye-opening experience in so many ways. It truly transformed my life. Mostly by helping me to bust old stories, uncover outdated beliefs and recognize patterns or habits that have either been limiting or complete show-stoppers. I began to see myself in a new light.

I believe all of this was divinely orchestrated. A random thought or idea. A conversation that offered confirmation. A synchronistic event or experience. Even an Astrology session to review my chart offered insight as to ‘why now’. I am primed to move into the next phase of my life and there are somethings I really want to shift and change.

One of the things I uncovered was a limiting belief that “You (I) can’t have it all”! And with this quiet belief (that I wasn’t even aware of), I had ensured this was true over and over in my past. If I was healthy, my home was neglected. My work would suffer if I was in a relationship. If I was social my exercise routine would be challenged. I could have a lot in my life…I just couldn’t “have it all”! At least that is the belief I had developed.

So here I am at this amazing place in my life where I have the life I have always dreamt of… An amazing husband and our foundational relationship, a cool, fun, kick-ass business, great family, friends, and community, and an internal knowing of myself.., my connection to All-That-Is. Seemingly everything I have ever wanted. EXCEPT- taking care of myself. Taking care of my own body.

In the “You Can’t Have it ALL” mindset I have been holding onto, for who knows how long, I have sacrificed my own health and wellbeing. It is always something that I think I will address “tomorrow”. But I can’t address it without something else suffering. Or at least that is what I have believed.

I am ready to bust that old belief. I am ready to have it all.., including being healthy and fit. So my way of doing this is to start writing and even creating videos about it. To document what is hard, what is easy, and everything in-between.

Today I am launching a new Blog!

If you are going through a lot of change or are ready for something different in your life, follow along. Your beliefs, circumstances and/or challenges may be different, but there may be great parallels for you.

This new blog is called ‘Beyond Cliche’ and can be accessed here. My goal is to write a couple of times a week and add at least one video. Hope to connect with you there as well!


With Light, Love, and Laughter