FunkIt seems we are always talking about ‘shifts’.  Many of us relay our sense of the transformations that are occurring.  Just this past week there was a beautiful Blood Moon eclipse that was suppose to shake up the old and usher in a new wave of being.
It occurs to me, that sometimes this can mean, it feels like we’re in a funk!  At least that is how I want to interpret it!   Shift or transformation subtlety implies that we have moved beyond an old situation and are now navigating in a new one.  It is likely that there is a different stage that some of us are experiencing or feeling.  I know this is true for me.  This stage is the liminal.  The in-between.
We can experience this in different areas of our lives.  With relationships, spiritual journey, careers, health.., you name it.  But we can also experience this sense of the liminal internally.  How we identify and define ourselves.  And it is this internal review process that is currently being triggered for a lot of us.  Well, let me just say.., this is what is happening for me right now.
But what does this mean and what does it look like?  This is where the word ‘funk’ comes in.
When you have this sense or feeling of being in a state of transformation or transition~yet have know idea what this means or what is next.  You feel an energetic shift, but there is nothing in your physical reality that you can point to that helps define what you are sensing or feeling.  You are probably in the liminal.  You are in the in-between place.  And sometimes that can feel like being in a funk!

You see, we are so use to knowing (or at least thinking we know) where we are going.  We have an idea about what our priorities are.  We feel firm in our beliefs.  We have set course based on external desires.  There is a comfort in having a plan or direction.
But when we step into the liminal of an internal shift or transformation, what use to be clear, becomes hazy.  What use to feel right, is questionable.  The dreams and goals that use to motivate us, lack momentum.  Nothing seems to quite fit.  While at the same time, everything seems the same.  It is ‘us’ that is different.
Yet how do you explain that to anyone around you?  There are no words to easily describe why, what, when, where or how you stopped fitting comfortably into your own life.  How do you describe what you are moving towards or becoming when you can’t actually see it yourself?
This is where I start to judge myself.  If I am not doing something, than I must be doing nothing.  If I don’t have clarity I must be unfocused or distracted.  If things aren’t black and white, then everything is gray!  If everything is gray… I must be in a funk.
The truth is that the liminal is a threshold between two paradigms.  The threshold between who you were and who you are becoming.  In this threshold, you still have recall of the ‘old you’ that is behind you.  You can also feel the call from the ‘new you’ that is beckoning!  But neither one is clear or crisp.  Instead, your entire being is going through a complete realignment.  A realignment that is happening at the cellular level.
This reconfiguration of your being may bring up many areas for review.  You will question how things fit into your life.  Something’s that have been known and tried and true will slip away.  Other things will emerge and take their place.  You will have a sense of how differently you respond to situations and/or circumstances.  You may even wonder how long this new way of being can last.  Especially since it doesn’t seem like you worked very hard for this transformation!  And isn’t that how we have made these shifts and changes in the past?  By pursuing and doing hard, laborious work?  Through struggles?  By deconstructing ourselves and putting the pieces back together?  Could it really all be changing without any of us predefining the destination or desired results?
Yes.., it could be that easy.  And it can be that uncomfortable at the same time.  Hanging out in the in- between, waiting for the next stage to reveal itself.  And sometimes, like me, you may be tempted to judge yourself and this crossing point.  You might even feel like you are in a funk.  Take a deep breath and remind yourself… “You’re right where you belong”!
 With Light, Love, and Laughter