It'sTheKidsI am ready. In fact, I am in motion. Moving forward, towards whatever is next. Perhaps something new, or just as likely a different version of what has been. Either way, it has me keyed up and on the move.

Life feels different right now. Maybe it is as simple as the newness of 2016 still being fresh. It could be that sense of completing another year. Or just as likely it is a shift or change in the energetic field that we all operate in and are a part of. I am hopeful, so I am going with the latter.

There have been several noticeable behavioral shifts that have happened for me recently. I wonder if they are permanent or just anomalies in my routine. I wonder, because it doesn’t feel like I was aware of them even being up for modification!

Change that sneaks up on you! Who knew!?!

That has me contemplating what is happening in “the field”? What is different that would support new behaviors or change happening with such ease? I am someone who is use to working hard to make changes and shifts! Something is up!

Maybe it’s the kids! Of course at my age a 25 year old is a kid… But seriously, the energy of the young people is shifting the planet!

I belong to the Baby Boomer generation. And although we have created amazing “things”.., we have also been the most destructive. We have been more self absorbed. We have been the greediest. Hoarding, monopolizing, consuming and wasting. We are the generation that has orchestrated the greatest harm to the planet. We have had company with several other generations, but it has been our “me, me, me” attitude that has had the greatest impact.

We are the generation that created wealth at any cost. Sure there has always been people with wealth and riches beyond the norm. That is not new. It was our determination to create it at the expense of others and the planet that is different.

But all that is changing. The new generations don’t have the same ideas, philosophies or goals. We have sometimes been harsh in our judgement of them, because they don’t want the same things we wanted when we were their age. They see the inconsistency in what we aspire to and the impact of our pursuit of it. They understand the hypocrisy of choosing the illusion of money over the realness of our natural resources. They are growing up in a world dominated by our energetic imprint, but not buying into it. They are here to change the course we have been on for to long.

Now mind you, I also believe that many of us “boomers” have been awakening to the need for a rebalance of our goals, dreams and visions. We have been making our own internal shifts. Setting down those things that no longer feel healthy or aligned with the good of all. In that way we are also part of the energetic shift that is happening.

Today as I sit here thinking about the future, I am hopeful. The kids are making a difference! They are doing it in different ways than we would or could. That is the beauty of these changing times… As much as I am and want to be a part of it.., it will be the younger generations that will figure this out newly. As Einstein said “We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them”.

So if there are any kids out there reading this… Go be you! Celebrate your uniqueness. Do what feels right to you.., because whether you know it or not, you are already changing the world and I for one, feel your impact!

With Light, Love, and Laughter