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A self-paced, guided course that highlights how to consciously create a meaningful and fulfilling life, using an internal focus to shift your external world.

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We are influenced by the situations and circumstances of daily life. Work environment, partner, family, friends, commitments, etc..,  all have energetic impact. Crystal Cipher and the profile it reveals offer insights that allow you to mindfully navigate your day and recommends crystals that could be ideal allies for maximizing your desired results.




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Checkout our free online Intentional Living guided visualizations. 12 meditations and guided visualizations for Intentional Living.

Intentional Living

the Shamanic Way


Stephanie Phelps

A Precious gift ~ Animal Medicine

In the shamanic way, we work with the animal kingdom and acknowledge the presence of all creatures, great and small, as valuable allies who can help us navigate through life’s challenges and transitions.
Be it a mythical creature, a four-legged, finned, hoofed, clawed, or one that flies, crawls, or swims, they are exceptional teachers who will help you learn about both the spirit and the natural world. They come bearing messages, offer to heal, share wisdom about us and our world around us. They communicate through conversations, feelings, meditations, visions, dreams, shamanic journeys, symbols, and on the earth in their physical form, and through their movements, eating and living patterns.

What is so remarkable about Animal Medicine is that it is available to all of us. It is out there for us to learn about, call upon, and apply to our everyday lives. We can connect with every animal species on earth and be taught valuable lessons, gain perspective, and strengthen our personal power. If a spirit animal is showing up in your life, it has a message for you and wants to work with you. The meaning you find in a power-animal experience is unique and personal.
It is a precious gift when we are in relationship with Mother Earth and Her Creatures.

 ~ Stephanie Phelps, White Horse Journeys

Insights on Intentional Living
with Victoria Barna

I Am a Storyteller!

“Silence is essential. We need silence, just as we need air, just as much as plants need light. If our minds are crowded with words and thoughts, there is no space for us.” Thich Nhat Hanh, Vietnamese Buddhist monk  Hmmm! How often are we able to clear our minds of thoughts and words? What stories do we continue to create, change, and continue? Does our...

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Valerie C

I love this place! So very cool and fun to visit. Many beautiful stones and art from local Artists.


A very welcoming place. I bought a purse, fluorite bracelet, and chapstick. I also like that they gave me a little chart for all the healing stones. I recommend coming to this place if your new to crystals

Gabrielle C

This store, like it’s owner, Charles, is full of amazing beautiful energy. Everyone here is friendly and very helpful. This is the place to go for crystals. Charles knows crystals! He’s created a helpful and fun app all around crystals. And there’s so much more here! Art, gifts, jewelry and more! Check it out for yourself and see why I’m calling this my crystal home

Nathalie E

I enjoy the ambiance, the unique pieces for sale, and the workshops. Charles has a fantastic energy, and his devoted staff as well. ~A beautiful experience.

Jessica R.

Visiting the area from out of town and stopped in today to browse. I immediately received a warm welcome and the warm energy continued throughout my entire experience. Can not wait to come back ☺️

Tricia M.

Storm Wisdom is a treasure. Not only is it a wonderful place to find jewelry, books, artwork etc, it provides a place for community. Storm Wisdom also has all kinds of workshops and resources for life’s challenges. The people are fantastic!

Torrey W.

Gisela and Millie are ANGELS on Earth!
Always welcoming and joyous, and make customers want to return to this AWESOME NEW AGE STORE. It is split in two–one half is the retail store– the other a GLORIOUS CLASS/MEDITATION ROOM!! Large selection of “Pocket” stones, each in their own bowl, and clearly labeled. I always enjoy a trip up there. Go visit STORM WISDOM, its well worth your time.

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