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  • Crystals from around the world.
  • Art, jewelry, soaps, ceramics and gifts from over 40 local artists!

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Online Courses at your fingertips!

 These courses are designed with you in mind! Discover tools, practices, and insights to make lasting changes that are aligned with the future you are creating!

11 Principles of Intentional Living

A self-paced, guided course that takes you through the 11 steps necessary to consciously create a meaningful and empowered life.    (Introduction + 11 modules)

The Magic of Crystals

This course covers how to select, cleanse, and set your intentions with crystals. It covers their natural properties and why they make great companions and talismans for Intentional Living

Crystal Cipher

This free 15 minute course walks you through how Crystal Cipher works and how to get the most out of the features it offers. It also explains how this unique site may be used daily to highlight your potential strengths and possible vulnerabilities,

The Magic of Crystals

Use our popular app to learn about many commonly available crystals and their natural properties.  You’ll love the ‘Select & Find’ feature!

Download our app to
explore and learn more about Crystals!

Features include the ability to add notes to each crystal, ‘select & find’ by desired properties, access to videos, online energy assessment, and more

Our Favorite Products

Enjoy products from our Magic of Crystals line such as our sprays, oils, crystal kits, reference materials and more. 

Other Resources

Enjoy easy to use guided visualizations and our online assessment to support you in keeping your personal growth goals front and center.

Guided Visualizations

(Storm Wisdom’s YouTube Channel)

Checkout our free online Intentional Living guided visualizations. 12 meditations and guided visualizations for Intentional Living.

Crystal Cipher 

We are influenced by the situations and circumstances of daily life. Work environment, partner, family, friends, commitments, etc.., all have energetic impact. Crystal Cipher and the profile it reveals offer insights that allow you to mindfully navigate your day and recommends crystals that could be ideal allies for maximizing your desired results.

Our Artists

Meet the local artists who make shopping in-person at Storm Wisdom such a unique and one-of-a-kind shopping experience. 

Since opening for business in 2009, Local Artists have been an important part of the Storm Wisdom experience.  They contribute to the quality and feel of the retail shopping experience by creating with passion and love.

Learn more about some of the artists we represent.