Ali Farrell of Mid•space

Get Centered | Healthy Minds & Pretty Finds

Ali Farrell is the woman behind Mid•space. She’s a desert dweller, a graphic designer and artisan, a mental health advocate and a mom. She was inspired to start Mid•space out of a rough patch she went through as a full-time working mom. She was overwhelmed, spread too thin and not properly devoting enough time to meeting her own needs. After re-centering and energizing with daily self care and mindfulness practices, she was inspired cultivate a new path for herself and share what she had learned with others who might find themselves in similar circumstances. So at the end of 2022, she designed and created her first product, Morning Mantras affirmation cards, with the goal to continue to roll out additional tools for healthy mindsets.

Coming into the new year, Ali’s vision for Mid•space has evolved. It initially started as a venture specifically focused on providing tools for self care and healthy mindsets. But, Ali found herself also wanting to incorporate her love for design, decor and crafting with her hands. After all, curating soothing spaces with beautiful objects plays a contributing role in remaining centered in one’s life. In 2023, Mid•space will begin to offer some new handcrafted goods as well as additional tools for implementing self care. Future products will include small home decor items such as candles, incense burners and terrazzo vessels, and items for healthy mindsets such as self care trackers, journals and gratitude cards.