Barbara Evans

Creator of the  Art of  Raising Frequency™,  Award Winning Author, and Leader in Vibrational Medicine.    

Barbara’s deep sense of Love for our Planet Earth fires a passion for finding a new way of living and being within the world…  a way based upon Wisdom, Love, Harmony and Compassion.

Born in England, Barbara graduated in Biology and Education from the Universities of Liverpool and Cambridge. She has studied multiple alternative healing modalities and is a Visionary Healing Artist, Reiki  Master, Crystal Resonance Therapist™ and Ordained Minister. 

Barbara’s journey in Vibrational Medicine began with her initial awakening in 1993, that led to the creation of beautiful high vibrational sacred geometry artwork. This intense and exciting journey culminated with the recent launch of the Rays of Creation Healing System in 2020. Barbara is now on a mission to bring this profound work and its potential to the World.

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