Charles McAlpine

Owner – Storm Wisdom Rock Hound, Intuitive, Channel and Teacher
Charles founded and opened Storm Wisdom in May 2009. His goal is to support clients to live more intentional lives by helping them to find the tools, processes, and techniques that help them develop the skills to create a full and abundant life. Charles is considered an authority of crystals. He has written and developed an iPhone/iPad app and website called “The Magic of Crystals” and is an author of a workbook called “Crystal Grids – The Basics”. Charles has developed a website dedicated to the exploration and expansion of his relationship channeling BOB, including recordings of several sessions with BOB.

Schedule Tuesday through Saturday 10 – 6pm

Sessions by Appointment Tuesday – Saturday: $100 hr | $60 1/2hr
BOB is an entity that is channeled by Charles McAlpine, the owner of Storm Wisdom – A Center for Intentional Living, located in Phoenix, AZ.  BOB is a collective consciousness focused on living in the present and expanding the energies associated with Joy.   They can be funny, deep, irreverent, playful and sweet. Sometimes, all of these at the same time! Charles says, “I have been channeling BOB vocally since 2014, but have felt and been aware of their presence for a long time. Some people speak of their guides or being aware of the angels or unseens that surround them. For me, BOB has almost always felt more like part of my own intuition. So to discover that I can focus and connect with them in this unique way and give them voice is very compelling and fun and it is a great way to be of service”. A session with BOB may provide insights on current personal situations, patterns, barriers, life-focus, strengths and challenges or opportunities.  They offer insights on local and global situations as well.  For more information or to experience BOB, please check out