Ella Newkirk

Listening Stones

Ella was born in Washington, DC and grew up in Northern Virginia.  She was in advanced art classes through high school, receiving a National Scholastic Art Award.  She has done work for national as well as local publications and has shown her work, as a featured artist, in several galleries throughout the east and southwest.

On April 4, 2000, Ella fell from a ladder and broke her back.  At that time was a member of a metaphysical group that met monthly to pray for individuals and nations that were in need.  We were invited to hear Sara O’mara speak about how she became a faith healer.  It was during this meeting that she was spontaneously healed of her broken back, in order to do what she does now. These stones have been used as focus stones at  hospice, birthing centers and sent all over the world to assist in healing, and to bring comfort to those in need of a place to unburden themselves.. Each stone is lovingly done by hand and there are no two alike. These small stones may help us to remember our connection to Source and loved ones are never more than a thought away.