Event Canceled!!! Clear Negative Energies, Emotionally & Physically with Diann Sue


  • Event Canceled
  • Our bodies are made up of frequency/energy....our entire world is frequency.
In this class you will learn:
  • The difference between low and high energies/frequency.
  • Recognizing when you have negative energies and what to do.
  • How to raise your emotional and physical body's frequency.
  • How fear, anger, trauma, etc. are emotions that create challenges in your life.
  • How you can clear negative to keep you frequency high.
  • What wonderful things happens in your life when negativity is eliminated.
  • We will raise the frequency of the classroom attendees and a few individuals.
  • I will demonstrate how I raise the frequency and clear people.
  • Why clear negativity from your home and office....various ways to clear.
About Diann:  I have been helping people all my life, in the financial world, giving various educational classes, and helping people energetically.
I am a Mother of 3 gorgeous daughters, 5 grandchildren, and the young child of 5 siblings....that means I have had lots of family members to assist energetically
for many various reasons.  For over 25 years, I have studied various healing techniques in the spiritual/supernatural world to best help people....and to develop
my own supernatural senses, which we all have access.  I primary work with a crystal to increase the frequency to better help myself, people, and our environment.
Being a facilitator to help raise frequency, I accept and take very seriously in this ability to do my part for humanity



Date: March 28, 2020


3375 East Shea BLVD Suite A-1
Phoenix, AZ
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