“Experience” the proven Spirit Guide Communication System! Event with Linda Deir Live!


The first 50 guests who register to attend on-location at Storm Wisdom, before the event, will be admitted free.

You will experience the proven Spirit Guide communication system that always works! How it has worked for me throughout my life, how it works in your day-to-day life, how it works for the people I have taught, and people who are experiencing this for the first time. 

You will experience this with me, one-on-one, and observe others experiencing this too!

This proven Spirit Guide communication system consists of two components, the “Guided Journal Writing System” and “Ask The Universal Channel.” Together they bridge your line of communication to your Spirit Guides, on command. It’s a mix of spirituality and unexpected psychology.

Once you experience this firsthand you will know that this line of communication is always available to you. It has always been available to you; your Spirit Guides have been waiting for you to be ready. Turning to others for advice will give you opinions, turning to your “Spirit Guides” will give you solutions.

It’s a fascinating and simple process that when you follow this proven Spirit Guide communication system, you will be able to; identify it, write it down, and validate it with your Spirit Guides. That’s when you will know what to do so you are capable of taking the action on the guidance while it’s still valid. What used to be confusion is now clear to you. Doubting yourself will be a thing of the past.  Being connected, you will realize you are never alone and always being guided.

Using page 118-119 in “My Journal Writing,” I will guide you through this journal writing process where you answer the 4-qualifying questions. Then, your Spirit Guides will talk directly with you about what it means and how to take the action.  

Once identified along with the input from your Spirit Guides you will be able to move forward without any previous fear and doubt fogging your decision-making. Watch the short video trailer for this live event here:

This link will also direct you to attend via … ONLINE Live Streaming from anywhere in the world for $9.95.

Don’t miss this exciting event where you will learn how to reconnect with your best friends, the ones who followed you here and know you better than anyone…your Spirit Guide Angels. And, bring a friend! 

Price: $0.00

Start Time: 1:00 pm
End Time: 3:00 pm

Date: October 5, 2019


3375 East Shea BLVD A-1
Phoenix, AZ
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