Gisela Arenas

Gisela has been a part of Storm Wisdom since the day we opened.  She has been the manager for almost as long.  This means she has her hands in everything from customer service and inventory management to daily operations.

She is the primary contact and decision maker for all of the local artists whose amazing creations make Storm Wisdom such a unique experience.

She is a gifted energy practitioner and intuitive consultant.  In fact she sees clients regularly to provide insight and support. Gisela LOVES ‘Human Design’ which is a multi-focused system that helps her clients understand their natural strengths and weaknesses.  She ‘gets’ numbers and is the co-author of a Numerology workbook. She offers Human Design, Intuitive Guidance and Energy Sessions on Fridays from 1-6pm or on other days by appointment.

Gisela lives in a multi-generational household and is very family oriented.  Besides loving up her grandson Camden, she also loves to garden and play in the dirt to keep herself grounded.  She is also quite comfortable in her role of the boss… which in many ways embracing her inner authoritarian has been a huge area of personal awareness. She is heavily relied upon for telling it like it is!